2017 photo of Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations in Solapur goes viral with false claims

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New Delhi (daytodayupdate News). A picture is going viral on social media, in which a huge crowd is seen on the road and the tableaux decorated in the middle and the blue canopy is seen on one side. Through this picture in the viral post, it is being tried to show that those who questioned the Kumbh Mela have no objection to the birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ambedkar during Corona. Vishwas News in its investigation found the claim made in the viral post to be false.

Actually, the viral picture is of the Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti celebrated in Solapur, Maharashtra in the year 2017. It has nothing to do with the corona. Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated every year in Solapur with such pomp, but last year and this year due to Corona there has been no such celebration.

What is a viral post?

Twitter user Er. Sharing this post, Durgesh Pandey wrote in the caption: Those who see # Corona at # Kumbh Mela and not seen in Corona at # Ambedkar Jayanti are called Bhimata. Corona is everywhere ***.

The investigation

Vishwas News first discovered the viral image with the help of Google reverse image search to investigate the viral claim. We found a video uploaded on 24 April 2017 on a verified YouTube channel called 7 AIMS. The one-minute scene in this video matches the viral picture exactly. The viral picture also shows the banner of “Anand Buddhist Mandal” on the right side and the same banner is also visible in this video.

The title along with this video on YouTube shows Ambedkar Jayanti Solapur 2020 Jayanti at Home 2017 flashbacks.

We contacted Kamalakar Vasant Patil, Senior Inspector in-charge of Solapur Sadar Bazar Police Station, for more information about the viral photo. He told us that the viral picture is old, because there has been no celebration on the infection of Coron in the year 2020 and Ambedkar Jayanti this year.

However, last year and this year, there were reports of violation of Corona Guidelines from many places to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti, but the picture getting viral is not of this year.

Now it was the turn to scan the profile of user Shahin Patel who shared this post on Twitter. On scanning the profile, we found that the user is an engineer by profession and till the time of writing the news, there were 831 followers on his Twitter account.

Conclusion: In our investigation, it became clear that the picture going viral is of Ambedkar Jayanti held in Solapur in the year 2017. It has nothing to do with Coron.

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