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Application to change mobile number in bank :: We get many types of facilities when mobile number is linked in the account. Of which the facility named SMS ALERT is provided by the bank. In which there are any transactions in the bank. So instant messages get in our mobile.

Along with this, we also get the facility of net banking. For which we can always take money through mobile without going to the bank. But for all these things, it would be necessary to have a mobile number linked in your account.

Nowadays, when opening a bank account of most people, such as SBI, HDFC, AXIS BANK, PNB, etc., the mobile number is added only while opening the account. But sometimes Sim is lost due to some reason. Or due to some reason the Sim stops.

Then we stop getting all the facilities mentioned above. For this, we have to change the mobile number by going to the bank. For this, we have to give an application in the bank, in which we have to write some account related application format.

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That is why Hindivani how to change the mobile number in the bank today? Or how to write application in bank? The format of the bank will be made available so that you can easily write the application to change your bank’s mobile number by reading this format easily. So let’s start.


To ,
account Manager
State Bank of India
Know ::

Subject – Application for change of mobile number in bank.

Sir ,

My humble request is that my name is Pradeep Singh (here you write your name). I have an account opened in your branch. Whose serial number is xxxxxxxxxx (here you write your account number). The mobile number added to this account is 12458590 (write your old mobile number here).

Which has now stopped due to some reason. Due to which I am having a lot of difficulty in doing the work related to the bank. And I am not getting any information related to the bank’s transaction. That is why you add my number 094573221 (write your new number here) to our account. It would be your great sympathy.

Sample 2 :: Application Form for Changing Mobile Number of Bank Account

To ,

Bank manager
banks’ name
Know –

Sir ,

Humble request That I have an account opened in your branch. My name is Randeep Kumar. And my father’s name is Ramshankar Dayal. My bank account number is 12358590 (write your account number here). In which my registered mobile number is now lost. Therefore, please be pleased to list a new number in my address. That number – 1244856678 (here you write the new mobile number).

It would be your great sympathy.

Thank you

Old Mobile Number: – Enter the old phone number
New Mobile Number: – Enter the new phone number

>Your account holder
>Name: – Write your name
>Address: – Write your address
>Bank Account Number: – Write your Account Number
>Sign: – Sign your
>Date: – DD-MM-YYYY …….

Final Word –

Hope you have liked the format of BANK ME MOBILE NUMBER CHANGE KARNE KE LIYE APPLICATION provided by us. If you like the format of changing the mobile number in the bank very much.
So do share it with your friends.

Also if you need any other application format. So please write us in the comment box and make it available. So that we can make that application format available to you as soon as possible.

In the format of the above application, you should not forget to write your name, mobile number, account number, father’s name, bank address correctly. We have provided you with only one format. In which you can make changes from time to time according to your requirement.

Thank you

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