‘Baba ka dhaba’ became a star overnight through twitter, old man said – ‘changed kismet’


The fate of the elderly couple running ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ has changed overnight. The couple, who were not able to earn their bread for two days due to the corona virus and lockdown, today the crowd has gathered outside their dhaba. All this has been possible through his viral video. In which the elderly person gets emotional saying their problem.

Thousands of people appealed on social media to help Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi, who run a dhaba in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. Many people also came forward to help, including the common people as well as politicians, celebs and companies.

Zomato has even listed Baba’s Dhaba. This information was tweeted by the company itself, after which #zomato also started trending on Twitter.

Kanta Prasad is very happy after receiving such response from the people. He told that, ‘Our condition had become very bad after the lockdown. We used to open shops at 6-7 in the morning and cook by 9:30, but no customers came. On Thursday morning, I opened the shop at 6 o’clock and by 9 o’clock all the food was sold. People are giving us a lot of love. Our fate changed overnight. ‘

He told that he has two sons and a daughter, but no one helped him. At the same time, his son Azad Hind told that, ‘I was an office boy before the lockdown, but I lost my job. I am looking for work right now. ‘

Let me tell you, for almost three decades, Kanta Prasad and his wife have been running a dhaba at a very low price. But their position in the lockdown had deteriorated. They could not even sell the food they had made. In the viral video, he told that he barely earns up to 70 rupees a day. The elderly started crying till they told their situation.

Then this video was shared by a Twitter user named Vasundhara, and upon seeing this video became so viral that millions of people started offering to help them. #BABAKADHABA was trending on Twitter. The emotional story of the elderly couple on social media changed their whole life.

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