Benefits of drinking Lassi: Benefits of Lassi

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Friends, as soon as summer comes, I feel like drinking something cold. That is why many cold drinks are prevalent in our country, such as lassi (buttermilk), cold drinks, shikanji, sugarcane juice etc.

But the most consumed drink out of all these is Lassi. Lassi made from fresh curd is drunk all over India. Mostly Lassi is popular in Punjab. But now it is served all over India. Although some people do not like the taste of lassi, but still it is very beneficial.

You can drink lassi, sweet or salty according to your taste. The taste of both is wonderful. Now big companies are packing and selling lassi and earning a lot of profit.

Friends, making lassi is very easy. All you need is fresh curd, a little ice and water, if you want to enhance its taste, then you can also take cream or some dry fruits.

Many nutritious elements are also found in lassi, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein etc. Therefore, lassi is in high demand in India. In some states, lassi is also called buttermilk. In this article, we will know that what are the benefits we get from drinking lassi?

Benefits of drinking lassi. Lassi Pine Ke Fayde

Keeps the body cool in summer

During the summer season in India, the temperature rises very much, so to control the body temperature, we should drink something cold, one of which is lassi. Many liquids are found in lassi, which also fulfills your water and mineral deficiency. Electrolytes are also found in lassi and also increase your immunity.

Improves digestive system.

As you know, lassi is made from curd. Good bacteria are found in curd which are beneficial for the stomach. Similarly, lassi is also good for your stomach. It corrects your digestive system. If you eat and drink you do not digest. If your digestive system is very slow, then you should consume lassi every afternoon after lunch.

Relief from Acidity

Nowadays, the problem of acidity becomes due to drinking outside food. If you also have the problem of acidity or sour belching, then you should drink cold lassi. Lassi has a cooling effect, which keeps the stomach cool and gets rid of heartburn and indigestion problems.

Removes constipation.

Nowadays the problem of constipation has increased due to eating more flour. If you also have constipation problem, then you should make a habit of drinking lassi in the afternoon. It won’t let you get constipated?

If the problem of constipation keeps increasing every day, then later it takes the form of piles. If possible, it should be controlled before that.

Helpful in Weight Loss

If you go to the gym every day, and want to lose weight, then you should drink lassi without butter. A lot of protein is found in lassi without butter, which is beneficial in reducing weight and along with it is also a source of energy. Calories are also very less in Lassi, which does not allow fat.

Increases immunity.

The lactic acid and vitamin D present in lassi increase the immunity of your body. If you get sick very quickly. The power to fight diseases is low. Even then lassi benefits a lot. It helps in protecting against seasonal cold, cough, cold and infection.

Makes bones strong.

Lassi is rich in calcium. If you drink lassi every day, you will get 286mg calcium, which is 30% of the day’s calcium and it helps in strengthening bones.

8.Anti Aging

Lassi is also known as anti-aging. As we age, wrinkles appear on the face. If you want to get rid of it, then definitely include lassi in your diet. Lactic acid is found in high amount in lassi, which brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles and blemishes.

9.Beneficial for Hair

If your hair is falling, there is no shine in the hair or there is dandruff in the hair, then you should consume lassi. Along with drinking lassi, many people also wash their hair with lassi, so that there is shine in the hair and the problem of hair fall is also removed. To get rid of the problem of dandruff, you should wash your hair with lassi.

Right time to drink Lassi : Lassi Pine ka Sahi Time

There is a right time to drink everything. So there is also a fixed time for drinking lassi. Do not drink this in the morning. Lassi should always be drunk only after lunch, then it gives great benefits.

Disadvantages of drinking lassi. Lassi Pine Ke Nuksan

As we mentioned, you can drink lassi both sweet or salty. Before drinking sweet lassi, you should take care of your sugar. If you are diabetic, take care before drinking sweet lassi.
Avoid drinking too salty lassi, which can also increase your BP.
If you want to lose weight, then you should drink lassi without cream or butter.


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