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Sabudana (Tapioca) is a delicious food item that is easily available. It is very much liked in both Khichdi and Kheer form. Along with this, it is also full of properties. It is a type of carbohydrate flower which not only helps in increasing your weight, but also gives you energy.

Many people think that how does it become such a beautiful looking pearl like sago? Friends, we can also call it a superfood. It is made by extracting starch from the cassava slime that looks like a sweet potato and grows inside the soil. First it is liquid and then it is dried in the machine which is made in the form of a cake then it is broken in the form of beads.

So today we will talk about the benefits of eating sago and how you can include it in your diet.

Friends, sago can be eaten in many ways. You can also eat it by making spicy khichdi, which looks very tasty to eat.

Snacks can also be made which are very much liked in fasts and kheer can also be made which is liked as a sweet after eating.

Benefits of eating sago Sabudana Khane ke Fayde

  1. Beneficial in gaining weight

Sabudana is very beneficial in increasing your weight. If you are underweight. If you want to gain weight, then include sabudana in your diet. If you are going to the gym, want to gain muscle, also want to gain weight, then sago can be very helpful.

  1. Beneficial for the skin

Sabudana is also considered very beneficial for the skin. Zinc, copper and selenium are found in good amounts in it, which tightens your skin. Makes the skin soft and can also be called anti-aging.

  1. Source of Energy

If you work hard all day. If you work with energy, then you must eat sago. It gives you energy because a lot of carbohydrates are found in it. Many types of anti-oxidants are also found in it which are beneficial for the body.

  1. Beneficial in fasting

Friends, India is a country in which fasting etc. is considered very good. Sabudana can be eaten during fasting. It does not allow weakness in the body and keeps it energetic.

5.Beneficial during pregnancy

If you are pregnant then sago can be very beneficial for you even during pregnancy. Sabudana is considered a treasure trove of energy. The amount of carbohydrates present in it gives energy to your body. It often happens in pregnancy that women are found lacking in energy, so you can eat sabudana to maintain energy.

  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Sabudana is known to be rich in antioxidants. Many such elements are found in it, which frees your body from many germs or germs.

  1. Beneficial for Bones

Calcium, iron, vitamin K are found in abundance in sago, which is considered very beneficial for the strength of bones. With age, the bones begin to weaken. The amount of calcium starts decreasing. So as a result, arthritis starts to occur. You can consume sago to keep your bones strong.

How to Eat Sabudana : How to Eat Sabudana

Apart from India, Sabudana is also eaten very fondly in South East Asia. In those countries, they are used only by soaking in water. But it is not so in India.

Sabudana is eaten in different ways in India. Sabudana Kheer is eaten in India. Its snacks are eaten or khichdi is used.

Disadvantages of eating sago Sabudana Khane ke Nuksan

Where there are advantages to something, using too much can also cause disadvantages. So if you use sago in the right amount, then you will get good benefits.

Never eat sago soaked or raw. It should always be cooked properly and eaten. Under-ripe sago can be poisonous.
Whenever you buy sago from the market, do not buy loose sago, always buy packed sago.
People who want to lose weight should not eat sabudana. It contains high amount of carbohydrate calorie which leads to weight gain.
Fiber is also found in high quantity in sago, so if you use more of it then your digestion may deteriorate.


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