Benefits of Tamra Bhasma – Properties and Uses

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Copper is commonly called copper metal. Copper is called copper in English language. Tamra Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine made by refining copper metal which is used in the treatment of various diseases. In particular, copper bhasma is used in liver disorders – indigestion – blood loss – respiratory disease – low bile in the body – jaundice and chronic phlegm.

Tamra Bhasma is extremely fiery by nature – hot and bile secretive. Its effect is hot, so it is a very effective medicine to keep the digestive system functioning smoothly. It provides quick relief in respiratory disorders and phlegm disorders. Those who have a pre-warm nature in their body, should take this medicine with caution.

Benefits of Tamra Bhasma Ke Fayde / Tamra Bhasma: –

Due to the fiery effect of copper ash, it is used especially to cure the slow fire of the stomach and to cure breathing disorder. Apart from this, there are many more benefits of Tamra Bhasma:

The use of copper ash gives relief in stomach disease. Improves digestion.

Liver disorders such as: Increased liver due to slowing of stomach fire or decrease in liver efficiency, all these disorders are cured with the use of copper ash.

When bile increases in the body, the use of this drug proves the most effective. In such a condition, mixing half of Ratti Tamra Bhasma + 1 Ratti Swarnamakashik Bhasma with honey and giving it to the patient is beneficial.

In spite of cholera, the use of copper ash is beneficial. In the case of cholera, one-fourth Ratti Tamra Bhasma + Karpur juice should be mixed with 2 tablets of onion juice and given to the patient at a few intervals with honey.

In spite of lack of blood in the body, the use of copper ash helps. By the way, iron ash is a more effective medicine to overcome the deficiency of blood, but if there is a lack of blood in the body due to a disorder in the digestive system, then a mixture of both copper ash and iron ash should be given to the patient.

Tamra Bhasma is a very useful medicine in case of phlegm disorder. In Kapha disorder, giving copper ash with a powder of raw syrup fruit to the patient is beneficial.
The use of copper ash is also beneficial in the treatment of Prabhama, Asymmetry, Pleiother, Consequence, Diarrhea, Hiccups, Afra, Leprosy, Chronic disease and Plague disease.

Intake method:

Use of copper ash should be given according to the nature of the disease and the patient. In general, 30 mg of copper ash can be consumed with honey or mixed with other juices according to the nature of the disease.

Tamra Bhasma is extremely powerful – it is considered safe to use it under the care of a good doctor, because it is beneficial and aphrodisiac. The information given in the post can be helpful in increasing your knowledge. Only good doctors can guide you in the treatment of disease.

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