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Best moral story :: Hello friends how are you hope you all will be good. Today we are bringing you in the order of stories. Another story is titled – Grapes are Sour. This is a very famous fox story.

Which we people must have heard many times. But this is such a good motivational theme. That we can also hear it anytime in morning assembly speech in hindi. Due to which people will be greatly affected. Hindivani tries to provide you good stories. So let’s study without delay.

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Best Moral Story

Once upon a time There was a dense rust. There were a lot of tree plants and special kinds of fruits and flowers for the animals to eat. But at one time it came dry in the year. Only a few such plants were left. Those who were green. And all dried up. In this way, animals have to have a lot of trouble regarding food.

A fox lives in the same forest. The fox was hungry for a long time. He was unable to get food. She is moving all over the forest to eat anything here and there. Suddenly he found a grape tree. That was very green and lots of grape flakes were engaged in it.

The fox was very pleased to see the grape tree. He thought that food will be arranged today. She lay forward towards the tree. And upon going closer he found that the grapes are available at very high altitudes.

But the fox thought I would eat it. He made many efforts again and again, like those bunches. But due to being limp in height, she could not reach there.

A lot of foxes tried. But he continued this effort. But a time came that the fox gave up. Air he thought that I was lying behind these grapes of waste. Do you know when I can get these fingers even after trying so much? So these are probably sour grapes.

Later the fox leaves from there. And this same thought kills her one day due to hunger. Because he is unable to get food even then.

Moral Story –

This is what we get Sikhs after reading this story. That if any work can be done easily from us. We will always be ready for that. But even after some of your efforts, we are not able to do that work. So we start making excuses for him. But this should not happen at all.

Final Word –

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