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Bestie Meaning: True friends in life are considered to be the main part of everyone’s life. Having a true friend is very important in life. Because life is incomplete without a true friend. A true friend is called by different names. Mitra is known by many other names other than Dost.

Even in love life, your friend is affectionately known by many names. Today we are going to talk about one such word of friend which is very popular word of the present and is the most used word in friendship. This word is Bestie.

Bestie Meaning

This bestie word is used for best friend. It can be said that the friend who is very close in your life, you can use this word for that friend. This word is a very cute word in friendship and this word is being used a lot at present.

Today’s young generation who like to call their friend or their friend by romantic name. Bestie is considered to be the best word for a friend. How many meanings does the word bestie have? The information about this is provided below in the form of a list.

true friend
close friends
best friend
special friend
a person who has been with you for a long time
You know from childhood, he is your special friend
a person with feelings of trust and love for you
best friend

You must have got some information about the word bestie in the list above. You must have also got information about the meaning of this word. Now if we talk about the use of this word, then this word is being used a lot on social media in the present time. People are mainly using this word while calling their close friend in common language. This word which is quite a main and lovely word for friendship.

Who is Bestie? Meaning of bestie

If seen in this way, the person with whom there is a little conversation in life, he becomes a friend and friendship is played with that person. But the word Bestie cannot be used for that person. This word is used for the person who is your true friend.

Meaning it can be said that with that person you share all kinds of feelings and things of your heart and he also shares such things with you, both of you have faith in each other. So that person is a true friend to you and the word Bestie can be used for that person. That person can also be called by the name of best friend.

Meaning of bestie in English

Best Friend
A person’s best friend
Close friend
Faithful Collague
A person who means the world to you
A person you can trust with anything

Synonyms and synonyms of bestie

Life partner
BFF (Best Friend Forever)
Loved One
Best Friend

Bestie Meaning – What is the meaning of Bestie

Bestie Meaning When we are young, we all call our friends as friends, but when we have a best friend, we speak bestie friends, but when we grow up, we speak bestie, then what is bestie in today’s article It happens ? What does bestie mean? What is Bestie Meaning and Bestie? Are besti bestie and besty the same.

Who are your friends? When we are young, many relationships are attached to us, some of them become very special and some deepen with the passage of time and some of them are friends who never leave our side. are our Bestie.

Now you must be thinking that how can you know the difference between a friend and a besti, then we are talking about besti only, in order not to remain in this doubt, you have to read our article till the end. After a little thought, you will understand this thing.

Friends, if you have not used the word bestie till date, then today we will know what is the meaning of bestie. I will inform you about everything.

Bestie Meaning – What is the meaning of Bestie

The one who is close to the heart and the one who is with you, such a dear DOST is destined for everyone…..

If what is the meaning of bestie to go in Hindi, then it means dear friend, it is bestie. The people with whom we have a deep relationship or with whom we live since childhood are our besti. Even if he is from our family, he still lives with us. He accompanies us in our happiness and sorrow, so he is our bestie.

You can find different definitions of it everywhere. Besti bestie and besty are three different types, but they mean the same, if we look at it completely, then we can consider it to mean only best friend or dear friend, apart from this, if any other meaning is taken, then it is wrong.

It is not always necessary that you have been knowing your bestie since childhood, the relations of many best friends are made in such a way that those whom we have known for a very short time but our association with them has become too much. But you have to keep in mind that there is a huge difference between your normal friends and besties.

Normal friends can walk with you, talk, live with you, but the bestie who happens to be with you in both happiness and sadness, never backs down to help you and loves you very much.

Bestie – Jigiri Dost

Bestie’s example i.e. story

Bestie Meaning will understand it through an example. Rohan was a boy from a very rich house, he loved to spend money, party, his friendship happened with Amar one day Amar’s Baba was a tempo driver Amar and Rohan had a difference of land and sky. He was not friend to her according to her status, but her nature was so good that Rohan liked it very much.

Sharing everything with him had become a habit of Rohan to turn him around. Amar got into a big trouble so Rohan helped him financially. Rohan was not lacking in anything, due to which he did not need any help. So he never expected anything from Amar to help him.

But once it came that Rohan’s father had a heart attack. Rohan was taking care of his mother and he needed someone’s help so that he could take his father to the hospital immediately. He came out of his house and saw that Amar roamed there. And that day after going in his tempo, he took his father to the hospital and his life was saved.

That’s why we can never say that only one person helps, the relationship should be such that there should be same help from both sides, same love and same feeling, from this we come to know that both Rohan and Amar are each other’s besti of friendship. The relationship is so deep that with him you can tell all the things of your mind. You can tell him anything.

You can ask him for help, you can keep him with you in happiness and sorrow. There should not be any hesitation in the relationship of friendship.


You can call BESTIE to your friend as well as your father, mother, brother, sister, it is not necessary that you should be friends with whomever you are very much connected, it is your besti with whom you can share your secret, stay with them. If you can tell all the things about him, then he is called your bestie.

Your own people means your family is also like a besti. If you use Hindi language then you can still speak bestie, its meaning I have already told you.

If we talk about what is the use of bestie in grammar, it means that it is a common noun, it is called a grammar common noun.

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