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Rani Kamlapati History :: Hello friends, Rani Kamlapati was a God queen, who married the king of Ginorgarh. It has often been said that Queen Kamalapati was very beautiful. Apart from this, even today in Bhopal, a palace and a park of Rani Kamalpati have become the best tourist destination of this city.

What was the life of Rani Kamalapati?, Who was Rani Kamalapati?, Story of Rani Kamalapati and Mohammad Khan etc. Today we are going to talk in this article. In today’s article, you are going to get information about the biography of Rani Kamalapati.

Biography and History of Rani Kamalapati | Rani Kamlapati History

Birth and Family of Rani Kamalapati

It is believed that Rani Kamalapati was born in 1700 AD. Apart from this, it is believed that the life story of Queen Kamalapati started from 1700 AD. At this time, Queen Kamalapati lived in Ginorgarh, 50 km from Bhopal city.

The name of the king of the princely state here was Nizam Shah. In today’s time this place has come completely in Bhopal. According to BBC Hindi, the king Nizam Shah here had a total of seven wives, out of which one wife’s name was Rani Kamalapati. Kamalapati, the wife of King Nizam Shah, was very special.

A new turning point in the life of Rani Kamalapati

Raja Nizam Shah’s nephew’s name was Alam Shah, who was very much jealous of Raja Nizam Shah. Alam Shah was jealous of Nizam Shah because of his kingdom, wealth and Kamalapati and because of this jealousy, Alam Shah mixed poison in the food of King Nizam Shah. Because of which King Nizam Shah had died.

After that Queen Kamalapati Ginorgarh started living with her son. After the death of the king, Alam Shah also put pressure on Queen Kamalapati for marriage. But the queen rejected the proposal of Alam Shah.

Queen Kamalpati thinking of taking revenge for the murder of her husband

Queen Kamalapati who was determined to avenge her husband. But due to lack of money and lack of army, Rani could not take revenge on Kamalapati Alam Shah. After that Rani Kamalapati decided to take help from Mohammad Khan to take revenge on Alam Shah. At that time Mohammad Khan was the ruler of Jagdishpur.

Mohammad Khan used to live his life very proudly, apart from this, Mohammad Khan was very sad about the hunting of fish. Raja Mohammad Khan used to come frequently to the pond of Bhopal. When Rani Kamalapati came to know about this, she ordered her soldiers to call Mohammad Khan. When the next time Mohammad Khan came to hunt fish at Bhopal’s pond, the soldiers ordered him to appear before the queen.

When Mohammad Khan met Queen Kamalapati, the queen asked Alam Shah to avenge her husband’s death. After meeting Rani Kamalapati, Mohammad Khan accepted the order of Rani Kamalapati. Rani promised to give 1 lakh rupees to Mohammad Khan after doing this work.

Mohammad Khan attacked and killed Alam Shah’s kingdom and later Queen Kamalapati did not have money to give to Mohammad Khan. In such a situation, Rani Kamalapati gave a part of her Bhopal to Mohammad Khan.

Story of Rani Kamalapati and Mohammad Khan

The beauty of Queen Kamalapati was immense. In such a situation, Mohammad Khan proposed to Rani Kamalapati to get married. But the queen refused the marriage proposal to Mohammad Khan. After the queen rejected the offer of Mohammad Khan, Mohammad Khan had decided to get the queen in any condition.

In this case, there were many wars between Naval Shah and Mohammad Khan, son of Rani Kamalapati, and 16-year-old Nawal Shah died during the war. After the death of Naval Shah, the entire Bhopal was under the control of Mohammad Khan. In such a situation, Queen Kamalapati took the water tomb in her palace to escape from Mohammad Khan.

The second story of Rani Kamalapati and Mohammad Khan

According to many sources, it is also believed that Mohammad Khan and Rani Kamalapati considered each other as brothers and sisters. In such a situation, Queen Kamalapati had sought help from Mohammad Khan in trouble and Mohammad Khan, being a sister, helped the queen.

With her own pleasure, the queen gave part of Bhopal to Mohammad Khan. After that Queen Kamalapati was alive for many years after the death of the queen’s son Naval Shah. When Queen Kamalapati died a natural death. Then the entire kingdom of Bhopal belonged to Mohammad Khan.

Why Habibganj railway station was renamed after Rani Kamalapati?

Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of our country and the government has given permission to change the name of Habibganj railway station in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The proposal of Shivraj Raj Singh Chouhan has been approved by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The name of Habibganj railway station was changed as soon as the work was received.

Another interesting thing about the name of this railway station is that the name of this railway station was changed in a very short time as soon as it got the approval. Habibganj railway station got the new name Rani Kamalapati. Not only this, the code of this railway station has also been changed. Rani Kamlapati Railway Station’s new code RKMP has been issued.

Friends, now a question is definitely arising in our mind that what is the reason for changing the name of this railway station? It is believed that Queen Kamalapati was a very brave woman and Queen Kamalapati maintained her feminine identity and culture till her death.

Rani Kamalapati had lost everything in her life. But women’s dignity was saved. The valor and valor of Rani Kamalapati is still a great message for women. Due to such reason, the name of Habibganj railway station has been changed to Rani Kamalapati railway station.

Conclusion ::

In today’s article, we have brought complete information about the biography of Rani Kamalapati to you. We hope that you have liked the information given by us. If you have any question related to this article, then do let us know in the comment section.

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