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Kabirdas Biography :: Whenever we talk about couplets and posts, first of all the name of Kabirdas ji comes in our mouth. Kabirdas ji has given a new direction to the society with his couplets and posts. Apart from being a great poet of Hindi literature, Kabir Das ji was a scholarly thinker, a prominent poet of the Bhakti period and a good social reformer.

Sadhukkadi was the main language of Kabir Das ji. But we see a different glimpse of Hindi language in his posts and couplets. In the main compositions of Kabir Das ji, we get to see Punjabi, Rajasthan, Awadhi, Haryanvi, Braj, Khari Boli etc. He wrote many famous works with his positive thoughts and imagination.

Kabir Das ji has made an important contribution to enrich Hindi literature through his creations. He has described Indian culture very well in his works, in which we get to understand its importance. He has inspired people to walk on a positive path through his creations.

Kabir Das ji was greatly influenced by the Nirguna Bhakti stream of Bhaktikal. We get to see the influence of Kabir Das ji in religions like Sikh, Hindu, Muslim etc. In his life, he has made an important contribution in removing the terrible evils like high and low, caste discrimination etc. prevalent in the society.

By reading the couplets, verses and compositions of Kabir Das ji, anyone can make his life successful and can move his life forward in a new direction.

Here we are going to get detailed information about the biography of Kabir Das (Kabir Das ka Jivan Parichay), in which how far Kabir was educated (kabir ki shiksha kahan tak hui thi), who was the Guru of Kabir Das, What was the name of his wife, what are the major compositions of Kabir Das ji, etc. You will get detailed information.

Biography of Kabir Das | Kabirdas Biography

Birth of Kabirdas

There are many differences regarding the birth of Kabir, the glorified figure of Hindi Hindi literature of India. Some people believe that Kabir was born from the womb of a widowed Brahmini, Ramanand Swami blessed the Brahmin with a daughter-in-law and the Brahmin threw the child Kabir near the Lahartara pond for fear of slander in the society. Was.

People also do not have an opinion about their parents. Some people believe that Kabir’s parents were Neeru and Neema, while some people say that he only brought them up. They found this child near the Lahartala pond. On the other hand, the other stream which believes in Kabir, believes that Kabir had appeared in the form of a child on a wonderful flower in the Lahartara pond and he was an incarnated person.

There may be controversy among people regarding the birth of Kabir and his religion, but his teachings and thoughts are not interested in it. The language of Kabir, the prominent poet and social reformer of the Bhakti period was Sadhukkadi, but in his literature, Braj, Punjabi, Awadhi, Rajasthani and Haryanvi Khari dialects are seen.

Kabir ki Shiksha

It is said that Kabir had no interest in reading and writing in his childhood and at the same time he had no interest in sports. Due to extreme poverty in the family, even his parents were not in a position to educate him. That’s why Kabir never took bookish education in his life.

It is said that the couplets uttered from the mouth of Kabir were written by his disciples. Kabir had two disciples named Kamatya and Loi, whom Kabir has mentioned many times in his couplets.

Kabir’s Guru Diksha by Ramanand (Kabir Das ke Guru)

At the time when Kabir Das ji became eligible for education, Ramanand was a famous Pandit and learned person in Kashi. Kabir also requested many times to meet Ramanand and make him his disciple. But at that time casteism was at its peak, so every time he was banished from the ashram.

He had great enthusiasm to get education from Ramanand ji, so he planned to meet Ramanand ji one day. Ramanand used to go to the ghat every morning at 4 o’clock in the morning to bathe in the Ganges. One day Kabir lay down on his way. As soon as Ramanand left that path, his feet fell on Kabir.

Seeing the child Kabir, suddenly “Ram-Ram” came out of his mouth. Ramanand was very pleased to see Kabir’s reverence and made him his disciple.

When Ramanand ji made Kabir Das ji his education, he went to his ashram and started receiving education from him and from there he studied Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Persian languages. At the behest of his guru, he thought of doing writing work and became a famous poet.

In today’s time, Kabir Das ji is a well-known poet of the world. Kabir Das ji along with his writing did many social reform works along with casteism, which can never be forgotten.

Kabir’s married life (marriage, wife and children) (kabir das ka vivah)

Sant Kabir Das ji was very poor and in such a situation he was not getting married and later Sant Kabir Das was married to a girl named Loi. After marriage, Kabir and Loi had two children, one boy and the other girl. Kabir’s boy’s name was Kamal and girl’s name was Kamali.

Due to such poverty, it became very difficult to raise their children and his wife used to tell them the truth every day. There were frequent quarrels between his wife and Kabir Das ji regarding poverty and every time Kabir Das ji used to listen to his wife’s words and felt very embarrassed in his heart.

Due to the religious nature of Kabir, there used to be daily movement of saints and saints in his house. Due to extreme poverty and constant movement of guests from above, Kabir’s wife often quarreled with Kabir. How Kabir used to explain this to his wife, it is described in this couplet as follows:

Listen to Anghali Loi Bumper.
In Mudian Bhaji Saran Kabir.

From another couplet of Kabir, it can be inferred that his son Kamal was opposed to Kabir’s ideas. which are as follows:

Bada Bans Kabir’s, born Poot Kamal.
Hari left the simran, brought the goods home.

On the other hand, the second stream which believes in Kabir, believes that Kabir was child-celibate and Virani. According to him Kamatya was his disciple and Kamali and Loi were the names of his disciples. Kabir also used the word Loi as a blanket which are as follows:

“Kahat Kabir sunahu re loi.
Hari bin Rakhan is not defeated by anyone.

Another couplet of Kabir indicates that Kabir’s wife would have become Kabir’s disciple later. which are as follows:

“Woman toh hum bhi curry, didn’t get the idea.
When you know then Parihari, women’s great vices.

Literature of Sant Kabir (Kabir Das ka Sahityik Parichay)

The number of texts found in the names of Kabir Das ji is different. According to HL Wilson, there are 8 texts in the name of Kabir. At the same time, Bishop GH Westcott has released a list of 84 texts in the name of Kabir.

The collection of Kabirdas’s speeches, popularly known as “Bijak”, is divided into three parts which are as follows, Ramani, Sabad and Sarvi.

Which is the most famous composition of Kabir Das?

Kabir Das ji has also done the work of social reform while singing the songs of God in his compositions. Kabir Das ji has written many compositions, out of which some of his popular compositions are also very much liked by the people.

Talking about Kabir Das, the names of these works are paramount, the list of which is given below:

  1. invoice
  2. happy demise
  3. Holi Aagam
  4. sakhi
  5. Shabad
  6. rameni
  7. blood

Kabir was a strong opponent of conservatism and hypocrisy

Hypocrisy and orthodoxy were at their peak during Kabir’s time and Kabir openly opposed it. Kabir believed that offering prayers in the mosque, garlanding, idol worship and tilak and fasting are a kind of hypocrisy. Kabir openly opposed this type of hypocrisy in his literature.

death of kabir das

There is an ancient belief that one who dies in Kashi attains heaven and the one who dies in Magahar gets hell. Saint Kabir had gone to Magahar in his last days with the aim of breaking this orthodox dharna. Kabirdas ji died in 1494 AD (Vikrami Samvat 1551), Magahar, (Uttar Pradesh, India).

It is believed that he had foreseen his death. Some people believe that Kabir was forced to go to Maghar. Kabir’s enemies wanted that after the death of Kabir, they should not get salvation.

“Jau Kashi Tan Tjai Kabira”
So who did Ramai?

Where was Kabir Das born?
Kabir Das ji was born at Lahartara Talab in Varanasi.

What was the original name of Kabir Das ji?
The real name of Sant Kabir Das ji is Julaha Kabir.

When was Kabir Das born?
Vikrami Samvat 1455 (A.D. 1398)

What was the name of the Guru of Kabir Das?
The name of Kabir Das’s guru was Ramanand.

What were the parents’ names of Kabir Das?
Neeru and Neema

When did Kabir Das die?
Kabir Das ji died in 1494 AD (Vikrami Samvat 1551), Maghar (Uttar Pradesh, India).

What was the name of the wife of Kabirdas?
Kabir Das’s wife’s name was Loi.

What are the main works of Kabir Das?
Holi Agam, Sakhi, Rakt, Kabir Bijak, Shabd, Sukhnidhan, Vasant etc.


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