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Aryabhatta Biography :: Aryabhatta was one of the greatest mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India. Even in today’s time, Aryabhatta is a source of inspiration for scientists all over the world. Apart from astronomy and mathematics, Aryabhatta was also an astrologer. Aryabhatta is counted in the list of great scholars of India like Bhaskaracharya, Kamalakar, Varahmihira and Brahmagupta.

Aryabhatta was the first to use algebra and he wrote his famous work “Aryabhatika” (which is a mathematics book) in the form of poetry. Aryabhatta’s book of mathematics “Aryabhatika” is the most popular book among the ancient books of India.

Biography of Aryabhatta | Birth of Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta was born in the Ashwama region of Maharashtra in 456 AD. Aryabhatta used to work in Nalanda University, he wrote many works of astronomy, astrology and mathematics during his lifetime and made a special contribution in this subject.

For your information, let us tell you that Aryabhata of India was the first to discover “Pi” and zero in the world. The main works of Aryabhatta are “Aryabhatiya and Aryabhatta Siddhanta”. Aryabhatta had said goodbye to this world on the year 550.

Early life of Aryabhata

There are many things about Aryabhatta’s birth place, in which some people tell Maharashtra and some people his birth place as Bihar.

At the time of Aryabhatta’s birth Kusumpura which is today known as “Pataliputra”. People of Hinduism and Buddhism used to live here. The world famous Nalanda University was established here. It is said that Aryabhatta used to live here and it was here that he received his early education, after that he himself became educated.

Works of Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta was the first to discover in the world that the earth is round and rotates on its axis. That’s why there is night and day. According to Aryabhata, the circumference of the earth is 24835 miles. Today in history we are told about the discovery of this thing by “Copernicus”, but about 1000 years before Copernicus, Aryabhata of India had discovered it. But this information is not taught to us.

This discovery made by Aryabhatta continues to amaze people even today, how after so many thousands of years ago he made such a big discovery without any equipment. Yet in today’s time we are taught only about the discovery by “Copernicus” made 1000 years after Aryabhata. Whereas there is no trace of Aryabhatta anywhere.

We get information about the works of Aryabhata from the texts composed by Aryabhatta. Aryabhatta was a great mathematician, expert, astronomer and a great scholar. Who composed the famous texts like Aryabhatiya, Dashgitika, Tantra and Aryabhata Siddhanta. Let us tell you that Aryabhatta wrote many texts and compositions, most of which have now disappeared.

It is reported that the book “Aryabhata Siddhanta” written by Aryabhatta was widely used in the 7th century of India. “Aryabhatika” is also working at present. Apart from this, the history of all other texts has been reduced. No information is available about them.

Many centuries have passed since the life of Aryabhatta. During this many rulers came, many power changed, no matter how many times climate change happened and during this time India has seen many changes.

Aryabhatta’s composition – “Aryabhatiya”

“Aryabhatiya” This is a composition composed by Aryabhata, in which arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry are mentioned in detail. It is said that the name of this composition was named “Aryabhatiya” by Aryabhatta himself.

Aryabhatiya, composed by Aryabhatta, mainly describes a cube root, square root, parallel series and different types of equations. In this, a mixture of astronomy and texts mathematics is seen.

Aryabhatta’s work – “Arya Siddhanta”

Aryabhatta’s work is not fully available. As we told you, most of the compositions composed by Aryabhatta have disappeared. Very few works and their information has survived to the present time.

According to the “Arya Siddhanta” composition, the old work is based on the principle of Surya. Aryabhatta has used the midnight calculation rather than the sunrise. Many astronomical instruments are also described in this, which mainly includes shadow-yantra, cone-yantra, chakra-yantra, yasti-yantra, chhatra-yantra, water-clock, cylindrical stick etc.

Aryabhatta’s Contribution

Aryabhatta has made important contributions mainly in mathematics, astrology and astronomy, which is still inspiring for scientists, so let’s know in detail.

Aryabhatta has made his impact in the subject of mathematics all over the world. Aryabhatta was the first to discover “zero” in the world and most accurately established the value of “pi”.

Leaving his important contribution to the mathematics of the world, Aryabhatta created “Triangle” and was the first to define “algebra” in the world. These works are world famous in the subject of mathematics done by Aryabhatta.

For your information, let us tell you that Aryabhatta was the first in this world to talk about the orbit of the earth. Aryabhatta said that the earth revolves on its circumference, due to which there is day and night.

Aryabhatta has also clarified that the changes taking place in the solar system are due to the continuous rotation of the earth on its circumference. The Earth regularly rotates on its circumference. Because of this there are day and night and we get to see changes in the solar system according to time.

Aryabhatta had cleared the misconceptions of people regarding lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. He has said that those who see the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse with faith, they should not do it. Because there is no relation with solar eclipse or lunar eclipse faith.

For your information, let us tell you that the composition “Aryabhatiya” composed by Aryabhatta is still used for the Panchang of our Hindu religion. Apart from this, seeing the incomparable and wonderful contribution of Aryabhata to astronomy and mathematics and astrology, India’s first satellite was named “Aryabhatta” so that people can remember that great mathematician and astronomer.


In today’s article, we have known about Aryabhatta’s biography in detail and also know about his important role in mathematics.

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