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MBA Chai Wala Story :: Raj was asked by his mother to make him a cup of tea. Raj refuses saying that he is a graduate and is further preparing for post graduate, so he should not be asked to do such small jobs. Making tea, sweeping and mopping, doing these things in today’s time, educated people consider it against their pride.

On the other hand, an MBA student not only started his career with tea business but also made his mark. Yes, we are talking about Praful Billor, who is popular everywhere today by his name “MBA Chaiwala”.

In this blog we will talk about a different thinking and struggle hidden behind the success of MBA Chaiwala i.e. Praful Billor. Prafulla believes that “It is better to be a tea person than to be a shadow of the people”.

Biography of MBA Chai Wala (Praful Billor) | MBA Chai Wala Story

Education of MBA Chaiwala Prafulla Billor

Prafulla Billor, popularly known as “MBA Chaiwala”, was born on 14 January 1996 in a small town “Dhar” in Madhya Pradesh. After doing B-Com, he prepared for CAT and MAT (MBA entrance exam) while staying in Indore. But even after working hard for two-and-a-half years, he could not get admission in the desired MBA college.

Prafulla says that then he realized that he was wasting time here and went out to visit the country. After traveling from Indore to Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Gujarat and other places, he stopped his country tour in Ahmedabad and started thinking of doing some business.

Jobs before becoming MBA Chaiwala

During this time he worked at McDonald’s for four years. Prafulla started a job at McDonald’s as a waiter at a salary of Rs. thirty seven/hour and became an assistant manager. Prafulla says that he learned a lot during his job at McDonald’s, which later came in handy in his tea business.

How did the idea of ​​doing tea business come about?

After visiting many places, he observed that tea is a drink which is drunk all over the country. So the idea of ​​doing tea business came in his mind. But opening a tea shop for a graduate or MBA student is a very small task, so it took them about fifty days to take this decision.

With the thought “no work is small or big”, Prafulla Billor set up a tea stall on 25 July 2017 at very low cost.

How did the customers come?

Now the problem was how the customers came, for this he himself went to the people and won the hearts of the people with his behavioral skills and made them his customers too.

How Chai Wala became “MBA Chai Wala”?

After several months, Prafulla named his tea shop “Mr. Billor Chai Wala”. Many people made fun of him on this. After much thought, Prafulla put Ahmedabad in front of Mr Billor and in short form the name was “MBA Chai Wala”.

How did MBA tea become a brand?

Today “MBA Chai Wala” is a well known brand and the second most popular tea seller across the country. Today the turnover of MBA Chaiwala is around 5 to 6 crores. At present, there are a total of 500+ outlets of MBA Chaiwala Franchisee in India.

Prafulla says that the biggest credit for making the brand “MBA Chai Wala” goes to his hard work, dedication and digital marketing. Digital marketing is very important in today’s era.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise

After his country, Praful wants to take his brand to the international level and whoever wants to take his franchise can apply by visiting his website.

Starting with a tea stall with an investment of just Rs 8000/-, Prafulla has done many events. MBA Chaiwala is a celebrity himself, it has been heard that a film is going to be made on his life very soon.

“MBA Chai Wala” Inspiration Source

Prafulla is a source of inspiration for those people who waste many years just to get a degree or get a government job and cannot think of doing anything in life. Mr. Billore is an inspiration to those who don’t start work just because it’s a small job and what will people say.

MBA Chai Wala Social Media

Prafulla is also active on social media. Below we are giving you their contact number and email id along with their social media accounts links, through which you can contact with them.

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