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Brahmagupta Biography :: Hello friends, today we are going to introduce you all to such a knowledgeable person from India, who, keeping in mind his education, discovered such numbers, without which at present any special numerical work can be done with complete accuracy. nor could any space work be done without it. It was he who gave the highest peak to the mathematical department of India. The biggest achievement in the field of mathematics has been achieved by the compulsory square equation.

He has credited Joel Pell with the solution of this equation in the history of mathematics and perhaps this is the reason why this essential equation is also called Pell’s equation. To give a special achievement to mathematics, he presented many opinions, due to which in the 12th century the famous astrological mathematician Bhaskaracharya honored him with the title of Ganaka Chakra Chudamani. The most important number of mathematics was discovered by this great mathematician.

After saying this, you must have now understood what we are talking about. Yes, you all got it right, we are talking about the biography of the great mathematician Brahmagupta. Today all of us will get detailed information about Mathematician Brahmagupta through this important article.

Today all of you will get to know in this article written by us that who was Brahmagupta?, Birth of Brahmagupta, education received by Brahmagupta, what is Brahmagupta Sutra, Mathematician Brahmagupta’s contribution in the field of mathematics etc. If you want to get all the information related to the life introduction of Brahmagupta, then please read this article of ours till the end.

Who was Brahmagupta?

Brahmagupta was a very great mathematician. Brahmagupta, after getting the education of astrology, composed two famous texts, the names of these texts are Brahma Sphut Siddhanta and Khand Food. Brahmagupta also composed the Brahma Siddhanta, it was composed by Brahmagupta only at the age of 30 years.

Brahmagupta also translated these astrology texts of his. He has translated his astrology texts into Arabic and Athar Kandan language. Brahmagupta was a great astrologer and great mathematician, from his texts, India got the knowledge of mathematics and astrology for the first time.

This knowledge was later carried by the Arabs to Europe. However, at present this book is not available. We all should always remember that our Indian mathematician Brahmagupta is the guru of Arabian mathematician and astrologer.

Brahmagupta had also written many theory texts in India earlier, the most prominent of them was the Brahman Siddhanta. First Brahmagupta had said many things in this theory, which had become very old according to the time and did not keep any pace with the new knowledge, after that Brahmagupta wrote a new theory, which was called Brahma Sphut Siddhanta. The meaning of sphut is expanded.

The Brahma Sphut Siddhanta given by Brahmagupta is considered to be the first book of Brahmagupta. Brahmagupta has given a special meaning of 0 in this book and he has also mentioned it as a separate part. Not only this, but this principle of Brahmagupta used to describe all the rules of doing maths on night house and zero. This law given by Brahmaputra is very close to the present mathematics.

Brahmagupta had told in this rule that zero is divided by zero, only zero comes. This rule of his was not completely true but was true to a great extent, as a result of which later amendments were made and it was told that dividing zero by zero gives infinity, not zero.

Gradually Brahmagupta started taking his eyes on numerology as well as algebra and line mathematics and he considered the value of to be 10. Brahmagupta was the first to describe the method of classification. Not only this, the inverse method was also first described by Brahmagupta. According to all this, later Brahmagupta was called Ganaka Chakra Chudamani by the respected astrologer and mathematician Bhaskar Acharya of 12th century.

Birth of Brahmagupta

The great mathematician Brahmagupta was born in 598 asli in western India. Brahmagupta was born in Bhinmal in western India. Bhinmal was earlier the capital of Gujarat. According to the legend of Bhaskar Acharya, he was born in Bhilnalka, Punjab.

Brahmagupta’s education

There is no specific opinion about Brahmagupta’s education so far, although due to Brahmagupta’s works and his discovery, it is inferred that Brahmaputra may have been a graduate person. Brahmagupta was very sharp minded. All of you can guess the ability of Brahmagupta from the fact that he had composed the Brahma Sphut Siddhanta at the age of just 30.

What is Brahmagupta Sutra?

Brahmagupta made his biggest contribution in the field of mathematics on the line mathematics. Brahmagupta made his special contribution to the cyclic quadrilateral of line mathematics. After many experiments, he showed that the diagonals of a cyclic quadrilateral are perpendicular to each other.

Not only this, Brahmagupta has also presented the approximate formula and exact formula to know the area of ​​a cyclic quadrilateral. Both the sources of Brahmaputra are used extensively. At present, Heron’s formula, using which we all find the area of ​​the triangle, is a special form of its approximate formula and the exact formula itself.

about zero marks

Brahmagupta has presented many theories regarding the discovery of zero. He was the first to tell what is zero?, How is Sun used? Not only this, he had also told that how much comes when dividing 0 by 0, but his idea of ​​dividing zero by zero proved to be wrong, because dividing zero by zero gives infinity.

death of Brahmagupta

Brahmagupta died in 668 AD. Till now no one has been able to tell what was the cause of his death.

Where did Brahmagupta get his education?

There is no specific opinion about Brahmagupta’s education so far, although due to Brahmagupta’s works and his discovery, it is inferred that Brahmaputra may have been a graduate person.

Where was Brahmagupta born?
Bhinmal, Jalore (Rajasthan)

When was Brahma Gupta born?
The great mathematician Brahmagupta was born in 598 asli in western India.

In which district of Rajasthan was the great mathematician Brahma Gupta born?
Jalore (Rajasthan)


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