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Veer Mahaan (Rinku Singh) Biography :: For some time not only in India but also in western countries, a name has become very popular, which has been popularized in this world by the name of Veer Mahaan. If you have heard this name many times on social media, news or elsewhere, then surely you have some information about WWE.

There was a time when apart from cricket, WWE was also very popular in India. At that time WWE included big names like Undertaker, Kane, John Cena and it left a unique mark in the world because of these players.

At that time, an Indian player by the name of The Great Khali had created a stir. Today, taking this process forward, a player named Veer Mahan has gained popularity all over the world.

In this article, we are telling about the events related to WWE Wrestler Veer Mahan (Rinku Singh) as well as the biography of Veer Mahaan Rinku Singh. Therefore, you must read this article till the end so that you can get complete information about it.

Veer Mahan (Rinku Singh) |

Who is the great hero?

Veer Mahan is an Indian wrestler and a baseball player in America. Starting from a small village in Uttar Pradesh to reach one of the most popular sports in the world, WWE has been a very difficult journey, which we will learn about in detail today.

Early Life of Veer Mahan

Veer Mahan real name is Rinku Singh Rajput, born on 8 August 1988 in Gopiganj town of Virdas Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Rinku Singh’s father was a truck driver and he belonged to a middle-class family. Rinku Singh has total 9 siblings. Compared to all his siblings, he was very weak in studies but was very much interested in sports.

Since childhood, he used to play all kinds of sports and also used to win medals in different types of sports in his school. Javelin throwing is mainly a sport during his school days. He was very much liked, in which he also won the gold medal of Junior National. Due to this national medal, he got admission in Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow.

In 2008, Rinku Singh participated in the Indian reality TV show The Million Dollar Arm. It was a baseball reality TV show. Rinku Singh did not know much about this game due to the lack of popularity of this game in India.

But due to the experience of throwing javelin, he was able to throw the ball very well in the game of baseball, due to which he was cast in this reality show. Following good practice and a good coach’s instructions, Rinku Singh won this reality TV show and during this game he threw the center of a baseball at a speed of 87 miles per second, which became a record.

Seeing his victories and his nationwide record, he turned to the baseball game. He also went to America to make his career in this sport.

Veer Mahan’s Sports Career

Veer Mahan’s sports career starts with the popular US game Baseball starting with WWE Army. After winning the reality show in India, he was so attracted to the game of baseball that he went to America to make this sport a career, where after applying and giving trials in various baseball teams, he was found in a popular baseball team named Pittsburgh Pirates. place in.

He started liking this game so much that from 2009 to 2016 he participated in different baseball league matches around the world and caught the attention of the whole world with his art of throwing the base ball.

Playing javelin throw and other minor games in India, he was able to throw baseball so well that by practicing it, he changed the record of 87 miles to 90 miles per second.

While playing baseball at different places, he also met some people from Wrestling, from where he was attracted towards wrestling. In 2016, he said goodbye to baseball and tried to turn his career towards wrestling.

Heroic Great WWE Career

When Veer Mahan was doing Tehsil prevalent in the game of Baseball. During that time, his attention turns to wrestling in 2016 and in 2016 he quits baseball and together with another Indian wrestler Saurabh Gurjar, he participates in different wrestling shows in America.

During this time, he goes to different wrestling shows in America and during this time he comes in a tag team in WWE NXT with his friend Saurav Gurjar named “The Indian Lion”. During this he meets Indian WWE player Jinder Mahal. Jinder Mahal has gained a lot of popularity in the main roster of WWE by turning off the WWE Champion.

In the early stages of wrestling, Rinku Singh was popular by the name of his real name Rinku. He also started as a tag team in NXT under the name Rinku. After gaining some popularity, these three players started playing together in WWE NXT.

At that time their names were Jinder, Veer and Shoki. Together these three players win 12 consecutive matches in WWE. But suddenly due to some reasons these three have to separate and Veer Mahan is able to participate in the main roster of WWE due to his appearance and stature.

Today in 2021 we see Rinku Singh in WWE RAW with the son of rey mesterio by the name of Veer Mahan in a ravalry, which makes him popular all over the world.

Some special things related to Veer Mahan

Veer Mahan’s real name is Rinku Singh Rajput.
Veer Mahan is an Indian sportsperson, who hails from Gopiganj town, a small village near Vir Das Nagar district near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.
Veer Mahan’s father was a truck driver and they were 9 siblings.
Veer Mahan was very good at javelin throwing in his school, in which he has also won Junior National Gold Medal.
Due to his javelin throwing experience, he also set his own record in a baseball reality show held in India, in which he threw the ball at 87 miles per second.
Before becoming a part of WWE, he used to play baseball league matches around the world with the Pirates baseball team on it in America.
He won a baseball reality show in India in 2008.
He used to play in WWE NXT under the name “The Indian Lion” before joining the main roster of WWE.
Wow in WWE has appeared in a rivalry with Rey Mysterio’s son.


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