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Biography of Vladimir Putin :: President of Russia Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world and at present this Russian President is being discussed all over the world. As you all know Vladimir Putin has declared war and this war has started between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia has become a topic of discussion all over the world regarding this war between Russia and Ukraine, and due to this war, people all over the world are becoming very interested to know about the President of Russia.

Ukraine is constantly being attacked by Russia and Ukraine is not behind. Ukraine has acknowledged this war and continues to be bombed in the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has become very angry about this and has come to destroy Ukraine.

Due to the Russo-Ukraine war, not only India but India as well as many countries of the world are objecting to this matter and somewhere other countries are also getting the wrong results of this war. This war has been declared not by Ukraine but by Russian President Vladimir Putin and in this war the President of Russia is not backing down at all.

Vladimir Putin is known all over the world for his dependability and fitness. Although Vladimir Putin is about 70 years old and is also an officer of the Soviet Intelligence Agency. Through this important article of today, we all will know about the biography of Russian President Vladimir Putin and read all the information related to his life in detail.

Biography of Vladimir Putin |

Who is Vladimir Putin? (Vladimir Putin Koun Hai)

Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia and he has taken Russia to the highest peak of development and has been included in the list of the most powerful and influential countries of this world. Vladimir Putin is working as the President of Russia since the year 2000 and seeing his methodology and style, the people there always choose Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Putin also showed his patriotism and always worked for the interest of his people. We do.

This is the reason that from the year 2000 till now he has remained the President of Russia continuously. Although he was removed from the post of President due to some reason for 4 years in between, but he was made the President again. Because the public began to feel that if Vladimir Putin was not the President, the development of Russia would stop.

Vladimir Putin has declared himself powerful all over the world due to his political power and at present, the United States of America also considers itself weak to compete with Russia. Roop may be a small country, but there is a lot of technological development there and due to these reasons the whole world is afraid.

Not only this, the reason for Russia’s power is also Vladimir Putin. Because they have increased the education and system there so much that every child there is showing his hand in the progress of the country.

Birth of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was a very intelligent and intelligent child born in a middle-class and conservative family in Russia. He was born on 7 October 1952 AD at a place called St Peter’s Square. Vladimir Putin’s father was a soldier in the Russian army. Vladimir’s father had crushed the enemies during World War II and after the end of the war the whole of Russia was shattered, due to which he had to work in the factory as well.

Vladimir Putin is the third child and the eldest child of his parents, and a few years after Vladimir’s birth both of his older brothers died and became the only son of his parents.

Seeing his father, Vladimir decided to join the army and wanted to serve the country. But he could not be recruited in the army, yet chose politics to serve the country and is still the President of Russia because of his love for his country.

Vladimir Putin’s parents

Vladimir Putin’s father’s name was Vladimir Spiridonbych, who was a soldier in the Russian army. He also faced the enemies boldly during the Second World War. Apart from this, the name of Vladimir Putin’s mother was Maria Solomiya, who was a housewife.

Education received by Vladimir Putin

By the way, there is no specific information about the education of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nevertheless, according to some information, Vladimir Putin has completed his education from Leningrad State University, a well-known university in Russia and he has also obtained a bachelor’s degree from this school.

After completing his education, Vladimir Putin has also worked in a Russian intelligence organization and after that he entered politics because of his love for patriotism and took Russia to the heights.

Personal life of Vladimir Putin

His wife had made many disgusting allegations against Vladimir Putin, due to which his whole life was changed. His wife’s name was Lyudmila and Vladimir Putin was married to him on 28 July 1983. Vladimir Putin was blessed with two daughters from his wife, whose names were Maria Putin and Yekaterina Putin.

While accusing Vladimir Putin, his wife said in the court that he has a love affair with another woman and not only this, he also has a physical relationship with many women. Apart from this, his wife said that Putin used to beat him every day.

Opposing this, Vladimir said in his favor that this was absolutely wrong and that he had never raised his hand on his wife. Vladimir’s fans absolutely refused to accept this and stood by Vladimir’s side, due to which his wife was later evicted without getting a single penny from them.

Political career of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin started his political career in 1990 AD. He began his career as the mayor of Leningrad. After this, moving forward in his career, Vladimir Putin has also served in several government positions in Petersburg in the year 1996 AD.

After 1996, Vladimir Putin decided to move to Moscow and moved to Moscow and started working in the administration office of the then President. From here he understood all the rules of the President and the functions of the President very well.

By 1998, Vladimir Putin had become a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Security Union. He was promoted in 1999 AD and started working as the secretary of the same council.

In 1999, Vladimir Putin was appointed one of the three Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia, and while serving in this position, Vladimir Putin carried out all his activities with utmost sincerity and had to resign before the time of the then President. The reason was the appointment of Vladimir Putin as the President of Russia.

He did his work so well in some time that people decided to make him their permanent president and this is the reason that since then Vladimir Putin is the only President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin’s term as President

Vladimir Putin was appointed President from 1999 to 2000 due to the resignation of the President and because of his work, he was appointed President in the 2000 election. After this, he was appointed President for the second time in the year 2004, which was almost till the year 2008.

In the year 2008, due to some reasons, he could not be appointed as the President and another President was appointed for 4 years. After this, Vladimir was appointed President again in the year 2012 and after that in the year 2018 he was again appointed President once again and since then Vladimir Putin is serving as the President.

Interesting facts about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin wants to keep himself fit and for this reason he should do yoga and gym every day.
Although Vladimir is almost 70 years old, he is still perfectly fit and exemplifies the fitness of login.
Vladimir Putin is a specialist in German language even while living in Russia and after assuming the throne, he also started learning English language and also became a knower of international language.
Vladimir Putin’s fitness is so good that he can kill even the biggest wild animals.
Vladimir Putin Apart from all this, he is very fond of listening to music in his spare time and is also fond of playing musical instruments.

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