Breast Badhane ke Upaye : How To Increase Breasts

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Breast size plays an important role in a woman’s figure. There are many women who feel that their breasts are small. Do you also feel that with age your breasts have not developed as much as they should have. If such a dilemma remains in your mind, then this article can be very beneficial for you.

Breast plays a very important role in a woman’s personality. There are many types of food supplements and many types of medicines are also available in the market to increase the size of breasts, but they are not so effective and the side effects are different, so always such medicines should be used with the advice of a doctor or away from such medicines. Must remain. Let’s talk about how to increase the size of the breast, so first of all we talk about it. What is the reason for the size of Kiss Best being small.

Reasons for low breast size: Cause of Small Breast Size

Not having good diet: Diet Issue

Experts believe that if the breast does not grow well, then there can be many reasons behind it, such as not taking a good diet. If there is a lack of nutritious food, then it affects your whole body and especially on the breasts.

Hormone deficiency: Imbalance Hormone

Even if there is a lack of hormones during puberty or if it becomes more balanced and mind, then the breast does not grow well and remains small.

Weight Loss: Inadequate Body Weight

If you are underweight, it can also affect your chest. If you are underweight, it is natural that your breasts may also remain small.

Stress : Stress

Many times it also happens that due to stress, we start taking many types of medicines and due to which our breasts remain small. If you are on any medicine or are taking any medicine, then that medicine can also have an effect.

Home Remedies to Increase Breast : Increase Bust Size at Home

To give the right shape to the body, our food and drink have an important role. To increase that size, you need complete nutrition. Therefore, you should definitely consume such things in your diet between milk, green vegetables, net soybean seeds, fenugreek.

Soybeans : Soy Beans

Use soybeans as much as possible. Estrogen level is found high in soybean. Estrogen helps a lot in increasing the breast size of women. Therefore, using such things as soy milk or soya chunks helps a lot in increasing the size of the chest.

Beetroot : Beetroot

Iron is found in abundance in beetroot. By consuming it, the amount of libido in the body of women also increases, which helps a lot in improving the size of the breasts.

Nuts or Dried Fruits: Nuts

Almonds, currants, walnuts, all these nuts are very beneficial. Many types of nutrients are found in these, which are very beneficial in giving good shape to the body and increasing the size of the breast.

Massage or massage: Massage

Massage is a great option. If you massage with almond, soybean, long or jojoba oil to increase breast size, then you will get a lot of benefit. Massaging increases the blood flow in the arteries and massaging the area around the best with warm oil with light hands is beneficial and it also helps in increasing the size.

Saunf : Saunf

Fennel should also be consumed to increase breast size. It is very beneficial. One teaspoon of fennel in a cup of water and along with honey must be consumed. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

Milk : Milk

If you do not drink milk, then it also harms you a lot. Many types of vitamins and minerals are found in milk. If there is a question in someone’s mind that how to increase breast size easily, then milk is considered to be the most important among home remedies to increase size.

Exercise to increase breast size: Breast Badhane Ki Exercise

If you exercise or are fond of going to the gym, then you can increase your chest size by doing some good exercises.

Wall Push Ups : Wall Push Ups

Wall push up is a very easy exercise. By doing this, there is a lot of benefit in increasing the breast size and giving them a good size.

How to do wall push ups.

To do this exercise, stand in front of a wall.

Then place both your hands on the wall.

Now try to push the wall and then move away from the wall.

It is an easy exercise.

No need to go to the gym for this.

Flat Bench Press : Flat Bench Press

If you have 2 dumbbells then you can also do this at home. If you are going to the gym, then in the gym you can lift the weight of your choice.

How to do flat bench press

First of all, lie down on your back on a flat bench.

Keep in mind, during this, I am sixth on the ground.

Now take light dumbbells in your hands and then raise both the hands upwards.

Then take care to bring the hand downwards.

now raise your hands upwards then exhale

When the hands come down, take a breath in.

Flat Push Ups : Flat Push Ups /

If your stamina is a bit high, then you can also do flat push ups on the ground. You can also do pushups while lying on the ground just like you did the wall.

How to do flat push ups

For this you lie down on the ground. You can lay a mat or sheet on the ground.

Lie down on your stomach in it.

After this, keep both your hands on the ground and keep the legs straight. In the beginning, you can also do this with the help of your knees.

Keep in mind that during push ups, your entire weight remains on the palms and toes of the feet. If doing it on the knees, then all the weight should be on the hands and knees.

Now with the help of palm and toes, lift your body from bottom to top, and then push up by lifting it from top to bottom.

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