CM Yogi- RJD & Congress never talk of development in Bihar first rally

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Bihar Election 2020, CM Yogi Rally News Update: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also been entered in the Bihar Assembly elections from today. From Ramgarh seat in Kaimur district, Yogi started his election campaign today.

At the beginning of the rally, CM Yogi said that I have come from the birthplace of Lord Rama. Referring to Treta Yug, CM Yogi said that Bihar and UP have a deep relationship. Stay with us to stay updated with Bihar Election 2020 latest news.

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Attacking the RJD and Congress, CM Yogi said that there has never been any development in his agenda. Only family members are seen in his poster. Said that we, we talk about development, they talk about caste.

We talk about the country, they talk about the family. When we talk about the development of everyone, then they say that a special community has the right over the resources of the country.

Said that during the Corona crisis, the Kejriwal government of Delhi ran the laborers of Bihar. People were coming on foot to help them in UP. Hot water was given. Said that PM Modi did a big job in stopping Corona. Attacking the RJD, he said that the stomach of some leaders of Bihar is so big that they even eat animal feed. Such people are in jail today.

It was said that the condition of 15 years ago was such that many people from Bihar shied away from revealing their identity. He asked whether you want the same government because of which you have hidden your identity. He said that I have come to Ramgarh, as soon as I started saying, Jai Shri Ram Jayshree Ram started speaking.

He said that the mentality of the opposition is the mindset of taking the country towards disintegration and the mindset of the BJP is to accept the vision of one Bharat Shrestha Bharat.

Due to which the spread of terrorism, Naxalism and anarchy was there, it is up to the people to decide whether to give it a chance. It is worth mentioning that from today, CM Yogi has started campaigning among the people in Bihar. For the first phase, CM Yogi will do 18 rallies in three days.

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