Corona virus (how the corona virus spread and its variants)

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The news of the corona virus was first revealed in China on December 31 last year. According to scientists and doctors, the virus originated in bats. An employee working in a laboratory in Wuhan district of China was bitten by the bats, which infected the worker with this dangerous virus.

Due to lack of knowledge about this virus, the staff did not take any precaution and the result was that more employees of that laboratory became infected with the virus. These symptoms were unknown due to infection due to naturally occurring symptoms of the virus. When some of these employees arrived to shop at the nearby seafood market, this virus infection spread quickly to the people.

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The origin of the corona virus was revealed to the city of Wuhan. 112 varieties of animals are sold in the animal market.

By eating snakes and bats, the disease spread throughout the city of China and made its place in the entire giant world. We are aware that it spreads from one person to another.

It is said that bats are twenty to forty years old. Kovid-19 (Covid-19) virus is looking for an organism to spread its infection rapidly. China is the only country in the world where bat soup is eaten. It is estimated that this virus originated from there.

According to sources, the Chinese government took too long to give this information. As a result, the whole world is struggling with it. US President Trump has described China as its partner and has made up its mind for a lawsuit against China.

China closed shops in Wuhan city, saying that renovation was taking place. If China had given information to all the desos about this at the time, then we could have stopped this infection. China’s stock market, efforts and many businesses have suffered. But China is hiding all these things.

The US President, reacting in favor of China despite any investigation by the WHO, has strongly condemned the WHO, and has also decided to put an immediate moratorium on the amount of money to the WHO.

Now, there has been such an atmosphere that some patients do not see any symptoms of corona virus. This is even more dangerous. Reports of such cases have been filed in Delhi. There are two types of corona virus –


Symptomatic means where patients have symptoms of corona virus and asymptomatic means where patients have no symptoms of any kind. Corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. More than 7 lakh people are affected in America, a country known as Mahashakti. Along with that, the condition is also very serious in France, Spain, Britain and Germany. There is an outbreak of this virus in India too. Vaccines are being discovered all over the world to avoid the corona virus.

Currently, a lot of countries are involved in treatment efforts with the help of plasma technology. We are all following Lokdown regularly. Hopefully, we will win in this battle against Corona. A drug called hydroxychloroquine has proved effective in dealing with the virus and some people have been cured. India has sent it to the countries so that there is no obstruction in the treatment of the patients of their country.

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