Difference between formal education and informal education

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Difference between formal education and informal education: It is very important to know about education as well as the type of education. Today daytodayupdate will provide information about the type of education, difference between formal education and informal education.

Formal Education

Formal education in which time, place teaching method and curriculum is predetermined. That education is called formal education. Under formal education, the narrow objective of education is achieved by keeping the child in a controlled environment according to a pre-fixed plan.

In a nutshell one can say that according to the earlier plan, for the attainment of the definite purpose, keeping the child in a controlled environment, the course given by a certain person is given by the fixed method, in a fixed time at a certain place. Is provided in This education is complex and complex.

Informal education

Emphasis on education that has a flexible system that educates the children in the local background of the city, village area on the need of the community and prepares them for a useful system of life through sociopolitical work entered in the local environment.

In simple words, such education is derived from various experiences of daily life. It is called informal education. Characteristics of informal education are related to informal education life. The main means of informal education are family, society and environment etc. .

Informal education depends on the basic instincts of man and his daily life. It is pleasant, simple and entertaining. This education depends on the ability of humans to benefit from their experiences. This education affects development.

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