Divine Outbreak – What is an Earthquake (Bhukamp)

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Role- Nature is invincible due to the creation of that God. Man has been struggling with the forces of nature since time immemorial. He has succeeded in inaugurating many mysteries of nature on the strength of his intellect, courage and power, but not the ability of man to exercise absolute authority over the powers of this nature. Nature comes in many forms. It sometimes shows a soft and pleasant form, sometimes it takes such a harsh form that a man becomes constrained and helpless in front of it. Half, storm, famine, drought, excess rain and earthquake are such divine outbreaks.

Causes of Earthquakes – The shaking of the land is called earthquake, haldol and earthquake. No part of the earth has survived where earthquake shocks have not occurred. The mild tremors of the earthquake do not cause any significant damage, but they give a catastrophic view whenever loud shocks occur. Shri Jayashankar Prasad, the author of the epic ‘Kamayani’, while describing the terrible wrath of nature has said-

Ha ha ha kandamay kathish kulish used to be broken,
Hut dingat deaf horrific noise, used to be frequent.

Why do earthquakes occur? This is a mystery which could not be inaugurated till date. Scientists have made many efforts to make nature friendly to humans. He can adapt the environment to protect himself from heat and cold. But earthquakes and floods are such divine outbreaks, which the human race has not been able to solve even after hundreds of years of hard efforts.

Different Opinions – People have different opinions about the earthquake. Geologists believe that there are liquids within the earth. When they start spreading rapidly due to the heat inside, the earth is shaken. Sometimes the eruption of a volcano also causes an earthquake. India is a religious country. People here are of the opinion that when atrocities and incest increase on some part of the earth, then there is earthquake in that part due to the divine outbreak.

It is also a popular story in the pastoral that Shesh-nag has held the earth on its head. He has seven heads. When one head gets tired due to the burden of the earth, it changes it on the other head. This action shakes the earth and causes an earthquake. Economists argue that when the population on Earth increases excessively, nature generates an earthquake to balance it.

Divine Outbreak – Whatever may be the cause of the earthquake, it is so certain that it is a divine outbreak that causes extreme destruction. It does not become fatal but it also destroys the result of centuries of hard work of human beings. Bihar has witnessed a large earthquake. Thousands of people went to death.

There were cracks in the land in which living beings merged. Many kinds of poisonous gases were produced from the womb of the earth, which caused the suffocation of the creatures. Due to the earthquake, people who enter the earth have to dig the earth to get out of their bodies. The means of transport are destroyed. Big buildings collapse. People become homeless. The rich become achievers and the poor are forced to live.

Catastrophic Earthquake – On 26 January 2001, a catastrophic dance of earthquake was observed in Gujarat. Due to the sharp tremors of the earthquake, many beautiful cities were destroyed. Thousands of men and women of the Republic Day parade. Were enjoying on TV, in a moment it became a maze of death. Houses, roads, hospitals etc. were destroyed. It was compassionate everywhere. Many people were crippled. If someone’s hand was broken, someone’s leg was turned blind and some deaf people became widows. Children became orphans. Even today when the sad story of that earthquake is remembered, the heart trembles.

There are some countries like Japan where earthquakes are more likely. This is the reason that houses here are made of wood and cardboard rather than stone and brick. These tools can reduce the impact of the earthquake but cannot stop it. Whenever an earthquake occurs, there is a loss of life and property. The earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011 has also caused havoc with the loss of thousands of deaths, with thousands of casualties and increased risk of radiation from the nuclear power plant.

Japan may not have suffered as much damage from the Second World War as the earthquake and tsunami caused by the sea. There was also a severe earthquake in Turkey, which resulted in thousands of humans dying. Even mild earthquake shocks are no less severe, causing damage to buildings.

Epilogue – Today’s era is called the era of science but science is constrained in front of the divine wrath. The devastating view of the Holocaust is present within a moment due to the earthquake. Everyone is constrained in front of God’s will. Man should never boast of his power and intelligence. He should always bow before the power of nature and God. Only the grace of God can save mankind from such ravages.

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