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Dowry System – A Social Curse

Role-: Many evils spread in Indian society are stigma on the forehead of this glorious society. Due to practices like caste, caste, untouchability and dowry, our heads in the advanced society of the world bow down with shame. From time to time, many social reformers and leaders try to eradicate these evils, but their complete destruction could not be possible. The dowry system is getting more and more terrible day by day.

Many news-: Reverse the page of newspapers, you will see many news like this – mother-in-law opened fire on her daughter-in-law by sprinkling oil, dowry greed returned the procession, death of newlyweds due to stove burst ……… .. And so on . After reading the detailed description of these news, our hair gets erected and we wonder, can a man really be so ruthless and bloodthirsty?

Meaning of dowry and its beginning- Dowry means things given at the time of marriage. In our society, with marriage, the girl has to leave the parents’ house and go to the husband’s house. On this occasion, to show their affection, the people of the girl-side give the girl, boy and boy relatives as much as possible. When this practice started, it cannot be said. This practice seems to be very ancient. In our folk tales and ancient poems, dowry has been described in great detail.

Saatvik form:: Dowry was a साrak sattvik practice. The father’s house was alienated for the daughter as soon as she entered the husband’s house from her father’s house. Her right from her ancestral home was lost, so the father used to give some part of his wealth as a dowry to the girl at the time of farewell. Virgo became the symbol of prosperity in her house. Therefore, his empty hand is considered inauspicious to enter the courtyard. As a result, she takes clothes, utensils and other items with her.

Virgo Heritage-: In ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’, Kalidas has called the girl a foreign object. In fact, it is the heritage, which the father-in-law acquires and hand over. Just as the bank repays the deposit amount deposited with it along with interest, the father also returns the inheritance (du kanya) with interest (dowry). Thus, there is also some sense of financial duty in dowry.

Deformed forms – thousand years -: The independence of the last 55 years of independence and independence has distorted the dowry system. The girl’s superiority, modesty, not beauty, but dowry started to go down. The girl’s ugliness and mischief are covered in dowry cover. The language of the bride was openly spoken. In dowry, families were often evaluated by the amount. Whatever society accepts, it becomes a virtue, not a defect. As a result, dowry became a social feature.

The dowry system, which was initially limited to being willing and presented with affection, gradually started becoming more formidable? is . People of the groom’s side have started deciding the amount of money taken in dowry and other things before marriage.

Scrooge attitude: On the other hand, grasping instinct encouraged this. Reality, on the other hand, people who had collected a lot of black money, started giving dowry in a big way. Poor people wanting to find good brides for their daughters or seen for their daughters also had to make arrangements for dowry. For this, huge loans had to be taken, property had to be sold, great efforts were made, but the demands of the bridegroom’s favor increased as the face of Sursa grew.

Main reason-: One of the main reasons for the dowry malpractices is that till date we do not consider women as equal to men. The boys understand that they are doing a big favor to the girls. Not only this, even after marriage, they are not able to make the girl a part of their family. This is the reason why they, being heartless, torture naive, passionate, newly married woman so harshly.

Solution to the problem: How the dowry system should be stopped is a simple answer to this question – through law. But we have seen that nothing can happen with the law. An honest system is needed to implement the law. Apart from this, police and courts will not be able to do anything unless strong witnesses and other advocates take interest.

A social consciousness is necessary to eliminate dowry. In some villages, such arrangements have been made that no resident of the village goes to greet the house where the big procession comes or those who take it. Dowry greedy boys are treated in the same way.

Youth should come forward: To end the dowry system, the youth themselves should come forward. They should tell their parents and other relatives in clear terms – if there is a marriage, it will happen without dowry. These youth should strongly oppose the relative who gives physical or mental pain to the newly married.

Epilogue: The dowry system is the leper of our society. This practice proves that we have no right to call ourselves civilized human beings. The society in which brides are tortured in place of love is certainly not a society, but a society of rude. Now the time has come for us to overthrow this evil practice.

Dowry System 2 – A Curse

Many practices are prevalent in Indian society. Earlier, in the practice of this practice, the daughter was given something as a gift on her marriage, but today the dowry system is taking the form of an evil. In the absence of dowry, eligible girls are handed over to unqualified males. People buy girls by giving money. In such a situation, family life does not become pleasant. Parents of poor families are unable to get their daughters married because the dowry-greedy persons of the society prefer to marry the same girl who brings more dowry.

After bringing the dowry down, the daughters-in-law are beaten up after marriage. Even they are burnt. He is forced to commit suicide. In ancient times, the love of man and woman was once a sacred practice. The parents considered it their duty. Kanyadaan was considered Mahadan. On the daughter’s marriage, the people of the girl side gave whatever gift they gave with love to the groom’s side, the groom’s side accepted it.

Later, she has taken the form of dowry. Today, big things are demanded in the name of that dowry. Due to not being able to give dowry, the procession is taken back. People today do not feel any shame in asking for dowry. People with money spend a lot of money on the marriage of their daughters. They give big things like AC, carts, precious clothes, 1 jewelry etc. He saw the people of the groom’s side demanding bigger things from poor or middle class families. Oj this practice has taken a macabre form.

This problem has become the problem of the parents of each girl. This problem has robbed the parents of innumerable girls. Due to dowry, even educated, beautiful, skilled, earning girls are not getting married. The boy also marries an ugly and fat girl because she brings a lot of dowry but she is not married to a beautiful middle-class girl who will bring less dowry. Cases of dowry harassment are read daily in newspapers. Today, the marriage bond is not a bond of purity but a bargaining business.

The government has made many rules to punish dowry greed but still this practice is flourishing in the society. The groom should marry wherever he will be without a dowry and the bride should refuse to have a dowry grasping with the groom and his family and marry only. Dowry is demanded according to the qualification and rank of the groom. Sometimes the people of the groom’s side demand dowry in the marriage hall so that the people of the girl’s side are forced to fulfill their every demand for the sake of dignity.

The society is suffering from this disgusting disease. The government should convey through the newspapers, Doordarshan, street plays and literature to the people that taking and giving dowry is a sin. On detection of dowry greed, they will be punished and punished. In the modern era, the superiority of a girl is not from her qualities but from the amount of dowry and things given by her father. Today, this is why daughters are considered a burden. Happiness is not celebrated when she is born.

The girl is killed in the womb. Many evils like corruption, bribery, divorce, prostitution, mismatched marriages arise due to dowry. Due to this practice, many girls remain unmarried or tied to unqualified people. How many girls have sacrificed their lives due to dowry and how many girls are sitting as a burden on their parents.

The laws made due to weak policies made by the government against dowry system did not prove to be prison. To eradicate this evil, the youth will have to be awakened, to stand up against evil. Boycotters and takers will have to be boycotted. Only then can this evil practice be eliminated from the root.

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