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Delhi is the heart of India. We have made one of these points on Delhi below for you.

India’s Capital Delhi | Essay on Delhi

Role- :: India is a huge country. It has many territories. Each state has many cities. Each city has its own special significance. Some hold their own importance from a natural point of view, and some are culturally dignified. Some are rich in industrial terms, and some are religious for the countrymen due to being a religious place. Due to many historical memories, it attracts people from India and abroad.

So there is a center of attraction due to any political solution. But Delhi is a huge city in India which is important in many respects. It is the capital of India. This is his heart as well as his heart. It is a mirror in which the picture of the whole of India is seen. It is a political, social, religious, cultural and historical theater which is not seen elsewhere.

Introduction- :: This city of gold, this alakapuri of the earth, Delhi is tied with silk string and sometimes has slept on a flower bed, and has cried wearing a crown of thorns. Sometimes it is adorned like a bride and sometimes the vermilion of its forehead is also erased. Historically it can be called Anangpal and Prithviraj’s Delhi. Yavana kings have also laid a net of their diplomacy here. Some dynasties have styled it, while the robber invaders like Shaka, Hun, Kushan. This Delhi has also seen a compassionate view of the massacre of Timur and Nadirshah.

Many craftsmen of the country and abroad have increased the beauty of Delhi. The echoes of history are heard here. When the Sun of the British Empire shone, its court was decorated in Delhi itself. The British government here tried to increase their statues by decorating their statues – but they did not know that the real masters of this Delhi are Indians. It was here that slogans, slogans were struck against the British.

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Gandhi, Jawahar and other patriots raised the slogan for the demand for independence and in the end the British had to take off from here forever. After independence, our leaders have restored this city. Here signs of Indianness have been established by eliminating the signs of foreignness. This city is the center of travel for the people of India and abroad.

Therefore, the Government of India to make it as beautiful as possible. Is trying for The roads here are so vast that every type of vehicle can run on them. There are various green flowering plants on both sides of the roads. Each street offers a view of a magnificent garden. A race of scooters, taxis, buses, cars and trams is always visible on these roads.

Places to Visit- :: Every part of this historic city is worth visiting. This city is incomparable in terms of historical buildings. The Red Fort is the center of attraction for visitors. Its Naubatkhana, Rangmahal and Diwan-i-Khas are worth seeing. The Yamuna pillar, which is called Qutub Minar, narrates the last story of Prithviraj Chauhan. Jantar Mantar, built by Rajput king Man Singh, is a strange thing. Its philosophy generates fear, amazement, curiosity and curiosity in the viewer. In ancient times it used to understand the time of day and the calculation of constellations at night. Humayun’s tomb is reminiscent of Humayun’s historical personality. Jama-Masjid has its own popularity.

The Sikh Gurudwara Sisganj tells the story of the six religions, culture and sacrifices made by the Gurus to the nation and caste. This gurudwara is a pilgrimage place where crowds of devotees are always seen. Similarly, the Birla Temple holds an important place in terms of its religiosity and building construction. The markets here have their own charm. People are always seen wandering on their decoration. Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place are worth seeing.

The green velvet grass of the plains here is pleasant for both eyes and feet. War Park is the best place of Anand Vihar. The tombstones of Gandhi, Nehru and Shastri remind him of his great personality.

The zoo here is a center of attraction for travelers. There are grand and huge sports fields for playing various sports here. There are clothes mills and other big industries here. The successful organization of the Asian Games has added beauty to Delhi.

Epilogue: :: Delhi also teaches the text of coordination. It is a confluence of various religions, sects and political parties. Here the extremes of both prosperity and poverty are seen.

In fact, it is not what India looks like in the mirror of Delhi. There are also people living a life of poverty, scarcity and helplessness, who are kept away from the glare of Delhi. It is the duty of Indian leaders to strive for equality in the country.

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