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Time is important in every work. In this article, we have made an article for you on the subject of time utilization. (Time Essay in English)

Good use of time

Role- Time is very important in human life. Recognizing the value of time is the best use of time. The past is never returned. Time is nobody’s slave. He moves at his own pace. A person who does not recognize the importance of time annihilates his own. An Urdu poet has also written – “Gaya is not a time again”

Time is limited: – In human life, time is measured. When we waste most of our time in futile pursuits, then we feel conscious. There is also a saying – “Now what do you regret when the bird has devoured the field.” Therefore every enlightened person accepts the importance of time. Our life is closed in the test of time. It is impossible to increase even a single moment in the time God has given us. The nation whose people understand the value of time is prosperous. By making good use of time, the rich with poor can become weak and foolish scholars.

Priceless Money :: – Time is priceless money. Our duty is to wake up in the morning and decide the work that has to be done and finish it by working all day. Make good use of the time left by school and engage in learning other arts. One should not waste time in vain ganas, it is also necessary to entertain a little. Today’s work should not be left on tomorrow. Kabir Das ji has also said-

Achievement of happiness: – One who uses time properly gets all the happiness. The person who does his work on time has no anxiety. A person who works on time – not only does his own good but also helps in the progress of his family, village and nation. By the proper use of time, a person can become wealthy, intelligent and powerful. Lakshmi becomes her maid. His children never grieve for money. If you look carefully, the great mantra of timely utilization is hidden behind the greatness of all the great people in the world.

Laziness fierce enemy :: – The value of time is known after the passage of time. The misuse of time leads to sorrow and the poor. The fierce enemy of time is laziness. Laziness is the worm of life. If it takes, it destroys life. Today, many young men sit at home on a vacation, or waste time in bad company.

The misuse of time is a sin that falls into the mire of this sin, it can never be saved. There is also a saying- “Aasad ki chukka farmer and dal ki monkey doesn’t live anywhere.” If the order given to save from hanging does not reach on time, then how big a disaster can happen. A millionaire businessman can become a beggar due to time lapse. Arriving at the station five minutes late, the train is missed and all the programs are dusted off. Upon reaching the exam a little while, the student loses the exam. Therefore, we should always avoid the misuse of time.

Epilogue :: – If we use time properly by evaluating time, then success can definitely be achieved. Therefore, it is our duty to make good use of our time and to schedule the time for each work. Each moment of life is precious, mark this in your heart. Success in such a situation will always kiss you.

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