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Sanatan Bhakti सनातन भक्ति

A day before Makar Sankranti, Lohri is celebrated in North India, especially in Punjab. Some festival is celebrated in different states of India on or around the day of Makar Sankranti by some name.

Tamil Hindus celebrate the festival of Pongal on the day of Makar Sankranti. Thus, it is celebrated in various forms in almost all of India. On the eve of Makar Sankranti, Lohri is celebrated with great fanfare in Punjab, Haryana and neighboring states.

Lohri holds special significance for Punjabis. A few days before Lohri, small children start collecting wood, nuts, revries, peanuts for Lohri by singing songs of Lohri. Fire is lit on the evening of Lohri.

People circle around the fire, dance and sing, and in the fire offer sacrifices, peanuts, kheel, maize seeds. People fire around sitting around the fire and enjoy eating Revdari, Kheel, Gajjak, Mecca. The house where the person is newly married or has a child is specially greeted.

Often the boat bride or the first Lohri of the child is very special in the house. Lohri was earlier called Tilodi. The word is derived from the combination of the words sesame and road (jaggery), which changed over time to become famous as Lohri.

Historical Context:

Once upon a time there were two orphan girls named Sundari and Mundri, whom his uncle wanted to present to a king by not getting married duly. At the same time, there is a famous bandit named Dulla Bhatti. He freed both the girls, Sundari and Mundari from the bloodthirsty and married them.

In this hour of trouble, Dulla Bhatti helped the girls and after convincing the boys to burn a fire in a forest, Sundari and Mundri got married. Dulay himself bestowed both of them. It is said that the groom gave him sugar as an omen.

If the marriage could not be arranged in a hurry, the bridegroom sent them away by putting a sugar in the bag. The sense is that Dulla Bhatti played the role of a father to poor girls even after being a dacoit.

It is also said that this festival is celebrated in memory of Saint Kabir’s wife Loi, hence it is also called Loi. Thus, this festival is celebrated with pomp across North India.

Lohri 2020: know what is Lohri festival and why it is celebrated, read the answers to all your questions

Lohri 2020 Date: The festival of Lohri is celebrated every year only in the month of January. However, this time in many places it is being celebrated on 13 and in many places on 14 January. There are many stories about this festival, we are telling you here the answers to the major questions related to this festival ….

Lohri 2020 In Delhi: The festival of Lohri is the main festival of Punjab and Haryana, but it is now celebrated with great pomp across the world. This festival is also celebrated by different names in different parts of the country. This festival is seen as the New Year of the farmers. Here we are answering all the questions related to this festival.

Why is an iron festival celebrated?

This festival is celebrated during harvesting in Punjab. After harvesting, farmers have income and happiness comes to their home. During this time, fire, jaggery, gajak, sesame etc. are put inside it. There are also many stories about Lohri which are heard especially on the day of Lohri like the story of Dulla Bhatti, the story of Holika and Lohri etc.

What is the history of lohri

Lohri has been celebrated for many years. From a scientific point of view, the festival of Lohri falls in the Paush month of the Hindu calendar, after which the winters begin to decrease and the time for new harvest begins.

How is lohri party

On the day of Lohri, people light a fire and dance around it. Jaggery, sesame, revdi gajak etc. are given to each other in the fire. All these things are also divided among themselves. Many people also distribute them from house to house. Apart from this, pop corn, sesame seeds, peanut patti etc. are also distributed.

What is put in the fire of Lohri

This festival is especially celebrated in the evening by lighting a fire, during which people put jaggery, sesame, Revdi Gajak, Revdi, popcorn etc.

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