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Essay on my favorite festival, essay on my favorite festival Deepawali :: We all have some festival which is our favorite interest. Male favorite festival is Deepawali. Because I like this festival of lights very much.

Today Daytodayupdate is providing you the essay on my favorite festival Deepawali. It can also be used for Short essay on my favorite festival in . So let’s start and read the essay on my favorite festival .

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Essay on my favorite festival , essay on my favorite festival Deepawali

Deepawali is the festival of lamps. Deepavali literally means row of lamps. In Deepavali festival people decorate their homes indoors and outdoors as well as temples in a row of lamp houses. We know Deepawali as the festival of light.

Deepavali festival is celebrated on the new moon day of Kartik month on the Krishna Paksha. On Deepavali, people worship Ganesh and Lakshmi ji. This is why people worship Ganesh and Lakshmi ji on this day. Because according to mythology, Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Ji are considered to be wealth, wealth and prosperity.

Dhanteras is considered very auspicious on the 1st day before Deepawali. On this day people buy gold, silver and utensils etc. A mythological reason behind celebrating Dhanteras is that after the churning of the ocean, Lakshmi ji was born on this day, hence Lakshmi ji is worshiped on this day. They originated on Trayodashi of Kartik month, hence this day is celebrated as Dhanteras.

The story behind celebrating Deepawali is prevalent. On this day, Lord Shri Ramchandra ji returned half after killing Ravana and completing 14 years of exile, then the entire Ayodhya people lit ghee lamps in this happiness and since then Diwali has been celebrated.

In West Bengal, Deepawali is also celebrated as Kali Puja. There are statues of Maa Kali installed inside big and grand pandals. Lakshmi ji is worshiped after the worship of Kali Mata. Deepawali has its own religious social and cultural significance. But today this festival has many types Evils have also been absorbed. People demonstrate their status in the name of this festival. And they throw thousands of rupees in firecrackers just like this. Burning excessive crackers is also harmful to health.

The atmosphere in which we take air, we defile it with firecrackers. It is our ignorance which alone is considered to be the biggest evil of this festival. If not gamble. And firecrackers should not be lit. So this festival will be seen to make meaningful its message of victory of light over darkness. Today, the need to make these festivals meaningful by removing these evils.

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