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Essay on Terrorism in English That is, in this article you will read, Essay on Terrorism, whose topic is, Increasing Terrorism – A Challenge.

Increasing terrorism – a challenge

Today the whole world is suffering from terrorism. The monster of terrorism has engulfed the whole world in its bowels. The terrorist sitting in Pakistan is making a killing not only in his country but also in America on the seven seas. America is threatened by Taliban militants sitting thousands of miles away, not from its resident or neighbor. No country has survived this problem like Pakistan, Germany, England, Israel, Russia etc. There are such worldwide terrorist organizations whose power is bigger than the rule of many countries. Organizations like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba are being promoted by the government of Pakistan.

Due to this, no citizen of the world is able to protect himself anywhere. Most people of the world want to crush this monster. But this monster is very big. The hands should also be very large to control it. Today the time has come that even countries like Pakistan should be cautious, otherwise they will die themselves and will not let others go. When violent methods are used to terrorize any section of the administration or society, it is called terrorism. Some people resort to hateful methods to intimidate their opponents, they kill innocent people, commit violent incidents anywhere and endanger the unity and integrity of the country.

Such people are called terrorists or extremists. These types of people maintain their dominance due to these antics. Such people have no faith, nor humanity, nor life value. They injure anyone, murder anyone, kidnap anyone and intimidate anyone and capture their property. Bharat Bhumi is a priest of non-violence. Living here in peace has been the goal of the people here. The religion of live and let live is his religion.

But the sad thing is that non-violent and peace loving country in India has been dominated by communal violence and terrorism for the last several decades. Terrorism was started by Naxalites in Bengal. The work of taking it forward was done with the demand of making Khalistan in Punjab. Shed blood of innumerable innocents. Today its situation has become so distorted that – gradually, the whole of India, Kashmir, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. are falling victim to it. Fear has been eradicated today The people of the country are engaged in hollowing it out.

The government is making many efforts to eradicate the ghost of this terrorism on its part, changing the law. Trying to awaken the minds of common people. But results are not getting anything. Serial blasts in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi testify that not only the law of our country but also the security system is weak. Due to these terror attacks many innocent people are killed. How many families are destroyed Today, there is a need to take drastic measures against this terrorism.

The cooperation of every member of the country is necessary in this campaign. Otherwise the day is not far when unrest will spread all over India. The terror of Kashmir has now become even more deadly than cancer. These terrorists sometimes place bombs in a temple, sometimes in a full market, sometimes they explode bombs in one city and sometimes in another. All the countrymen will have to unite and raise voice against this terrorism – and will have to take drastic steps to eliminate it from the root.

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