Face Fat kaise Kam kare: How to reduce cheek fat

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There was a time when chubby faces were very much liked. But with the changing times, fashion also changes. In today’s time, a chubby face is a sign of obesity. That’s why no one wants his face to be round and fat.

A round and fat face looks good only for children, but if the elders have a round fat face, then it seems a sign of obesity. That’s why people who go to the gym take special care of the look of their face and pay as much attention to reducing the fat of the face as people do many ways to fix their face on six pack abs on their own. K is exercising and is also adopting many types of diet. So in today’s article we will tell you what you can do to reduce facial fat.

Causes of face fat: Cause of Face Fat

To reduce the fat on the face, first we have to know the reasons for its fatness. There can be many reasons for the accumulation of fat on our face such as

drinking less water in the diet

If you drink less water in your diet, then this can be the biggest reason for the accumulation of favorite favorites, so start drinking at least two and a half to 3 liters of water from today itself.

high fat diet

See, eating fat is not a bad thing, but everything in your diet should be balanced nutrition such as protein, carbohydrate, and fat. The amount of fat in it should be very less and the amount of protein should be high.

not exercising

Even if you do not do any kind of exercise or do not make any statement, even then your body starts accumulating over time because it starts showing on your face too. Therefore, if you want to make your face look good too, then at least one hour of exercise must be done every day.

So now let’s talk about how you can reduce the fat on your face.

salt and sugar

Reduce the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. If you take more quantity of these two then its effect will be visible on your face. It will start accumulating on your face in the form of onions and the face will start looking heavy.

have breakfast in the morning

Often we do dieting due to being thin early, in which we skip breakfast in the morning. So I want to tell you that we should never skip breakfast in the morning, our metabolism is accelerated by having breakfast in the morning. And if you make nutritious breakfast in the morning, then you will get a lot of benefit.

drinking lukewarm water.

Earlier we had told that due to not drinking water, fat starts accumulating, so increase the amount of water in your diet as much as possible. When you get used to drinking water. So include lukewarm water in your diet. Drinking lukewarm water reduces body fat quickly, whose effect will be seen on your face as well.

green tea

If you want to work together then drinking green tea is very beneficial, so drink at least one cup of green tea a day, it will also go a long way in reducing the extra fat from your face.


Due to not resting, our body hormones become more balanced, due to which the legs start accumulating in our body. So you must take rest. It also does not allow fat to accumulate on the face.

Do facial exercises.

Along with this, there are some exercises to reduce the fat of the face. One of which is chewing gum. By chewing it, your mouth works continuously, which reduces the fat of fat. But keep in mind that do not chew it so much that the jaw starts hurting.

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