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जानिए कोनसी है दुनिया की सबसे महंगी बाइक

In this post today, we are going to tell you about the most expensive bike in the world. Although more than one bike is launched in the world, but recently American company Harley Davidson has launched a very expensive bike. Its price is so kept.

It is said to be the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Let me tell you that the American bike company is known for its expensive bikes. In such a situation, the company has added another costlier bike in its list of precious bikes.

The most special thing about this bike is that diamond and gold have been used in its design. The team of 8 people have prepared it in a time period of 2500 hours. This bike, named Harley Davidson Blue Edition, is designed in collaboration with the Swiss custom bike manufacturer. At the same time, for the use of diamonds and gold in this bike, the help of jeweler manufacturer Bucharr has been taken.

World’s most expensive bike | दुनिया की सबसे महंगी बाइक

Now you would like to know how much the price of this bike is, then tell you that it has been priced at 12.2 million. This bike named Harley Davidson Blue Edition has around 350 diamonds and gold plated screws.

Transparent camshaft covers are fitted with LED lights inside the engine of the bike. Through which the running parts of the engine can be seen. On this bike, the company has 6 layer blue paint designed with modern technology. How this attractive blue paint is made, the company has described it as a secret.

Apart from this, in this motorcycle you will find a clock on the right side of the fuel tank. The bike’s fuel tank has a gold Dizzler ring that attracts people to it. The company said that 5.40 carat gold has been used to make this ring.

The Blue Edition bike of Harley Davidson is based on the company’s current bike Softail Slim S. However, many changes have been made to the frame and rim in making this bike. Talking about the engine of this motorcycle, it has a 1.8 liter air-cooled V-twin engine which produces 148Nm power.

Its engine is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. Let me tell you that the highest cost of making this bike has come in making its body because diamonds and gold have been used in its body. So now you will know that which is the most expensive bike in the world, this motorcycle is like other bikes but the use of diamonds and gold in it makes it worth crores.

Now you must be thinking that who will buy such an expensive bike, then tell you that there are many people in this world. Those who are fond of keeping such expensive bikes. Even though the price of the bike is quite high, but it is nothing for the rich and fond people.

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