Hacking threat on Chrome, Google releases security patch, update immediately


Google Chrome Update: Google has released a high level security patch for Chrome Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The company has issued this security patch keeping in mind the issues related to cyber security.

Actually, some shortcomings have been found in Chrome, due to which cyber attackers can easily hack their target computers. In such a situation, if you also use Google’s Chrome web browser, then update it immediately. Failure to do so may cause problems for you.

This issue has been found by Google Project Zero’s security researcher in Google Chrome web browser. It is said that this deficiency of Chrome has been detected on October 19 and now this deficiency has been removed and is being made public by the company after the update.

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The tech giant confirmed through a blog post that it has updated the stable Chrome channel to 86.0.4240.111 for Windows, Mac and Linux users. This update will be available to all users in the coming week.

Chrome users can update themselves to the latest version using the integrated update function in the browser. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window and after going to Help, select Google Chrome.

All pending updates are displayed here. Once installed, you will be asked to restart the browser to complete the update process.

Google Chrome users issued alerts, update your browser immediately, read details

There have been numerous incidents of fraud and online hacking with people in the Corona period. In such a situation, alerts were also issued from time to time. In this episode, now the Government Cyber ​​Security Agency Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) has issued a big alert for Google Chrome users across the country. In its alert, the agency has asked that users update their Chrome Browser immediately.

The agency has issued such an alert so that users can protect themselves from the attack of hackers. Google has released the latest update of Chrome 84.0.4147.89 which gives protection to protect against such attacks as well as 38 types of fixes.

An alert issued by Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) states, ‘Google Chrome has seen a number of flaws that hackers can take advantage of and hack your Chrome to steal your information from anywhere.

External security researchers noticed this flaw in Chrome among other things, including heap buffer overflow, side channel information leakage, and incorrect user interface security.

CERT-In has said about these flaws that any hacker sitting away can take advantage of them and attack them by creating specially made webpages. The solution is that the user should update their Chrome browser with the latest 84.0.4147.89.

Google has praised the security researchers for their help. Google gave a new update in April but also alerted 2 billion users about security flaws in Windows, Linux and Mac.

This bug was so dangerous that it gave hackers a chance to hack your system as well as download malware into your system.

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