Hamdard Safi: Advantages, Disadvantages and Uses

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Hamdard Safi is a very old Ayurvedic medicine. Which is used for beauty. It removes blemishes, acne, pimples etc. on the face. It is said that Hamdard Safi is made in 100% natural way and no chemicals have been added to it.

Its color is dark black and it is quite bitter in taste. You will easily find it at any medical store in the market. If you want to buy online then also available online. Today in this article we will know how to use Hamdard Safi, what are its benefits and what can be the disadvantages?

Elements of Hamdard Safi : Hamdard Safi Composition

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia sisso)
Nymphaea lotus (Nymphaea lotus)
Khetpapra (Fumaria parviflora)
Charata (Swartia chirata)
Shankhushpi (Conscora dicusata)
Black Turmeric (Curcuma Cassia)
Immortal Bell (Cuscata reflex)
Basil (Max. Canum)
Red sandalwood (Petrocarpus santalinus)
Rose (Rosa damascane)
Neem (Azadirachta indica)

Benefits of Hamdard Safi: Hamdard Safi Benefits in Hindi

1. Beneficial for blood

The main advantage of Hamdard Safi is to purify the blood. It purifies the blood. It also reduces inflammation of the lungs, apart from this, it also benefits in increasing your blood.

2. Keeping the Digestive System Correct

Hamdard Safi helps in improving digestion. Nowadays, due to outside food or due to lack of exercise, the digestive system slows down due to which many types of problems start to occur, so if you want to keep your digestive system right, then you can use a big spoon of Safi.

3. Beneficial for the skin

If your digestive system is not correct, then it also starts showing on the skin, due to which pimples, freckles etc. So to get rid of the problem of the skin, you can also use Safi, it improves the skin and also removes small spots from acne.

4. Increases Appetite

Many such ingredients have been put in Safi which helps in increasing your appetite. Such as rosewood and amarbel!

5. Removes infection.

If you get sick very quickly. If there is a viral infection, then Safi can also be used to avoid it. Along with this, neem, basil etc. have been added in which a lot of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are found, so it helps in protecting you from infection.

How to use Safi? Hamdard Safi Dosage

It is advisable to take two spoons of Hamdard Safi in 10ml of water, but if you are taking it for the first time, then first you start taking only one spoon. When you feel that there is no side effect etc., then you can start taking two teaspoons. It should be taken only after eating.

Safi Price : Hamdard Safi Price

There are two types of packing available in Safi Bazar. One 200ml and one 500ml. 200ml comes for Rs 110 and the same 500ml is available for Rs 200.

Precautions Before Taking Safi: Hamdard Safi Precautions

Pregnant women should not use Safi.
Lactating women should also not use a partner.
Children younger than 14 years should not be given Safi.
Safi should not be used on an empty stomach.
Consume Safi for two consecutive months only. After that a gap of 1 month must be inserted.
It has been advised to take at most two spoons a day. Taking more than this can lead to side effects.

Side effects of cleansing. Hamdard Safi Side Effects

Quite another way, where the blood is good, your urinary excretion also increases, so due to its consumption, you have to urinate frequently, so that it is more important for you to drink water.
Consumption of safi in excess can also lead to stomach ache or flatulence.
If you want to consume aloe vera juice, amla juice with Safi, then halve the dosage of Safi.

Many such ingredients have been added to Safi, to which some people are also allergic, so you should first check all the ingredients of Safi, are you allergic to any?

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