Harmful Combinations of Food

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In this article, we have told you about harmful combinations of food for your information.

Harmful Combinations of Food

Along with milk- curd, salt, sour things, tamarind, melon, coconut, radish or its leaves, trumpet, vine, kulthi, khatte fruit, santu are harmful. Good solution should not be consumed in milk. This causes milk to burst forth directly. Jackfruit or oil products are also harmful.
With curd- Kheer, milk, cheese, hot food, banana or banana greens, melon, radish etc. should not be taken.
Along with ghee – cold milk, cold water and equal amount of mulberry are harmful.
Along with honey – radish, melon, equal amount of ghee, grapes, rain water and hot water are harmful.
Cucumber with cucumber should not be taken.
After Jackfruit- Pan is harmless.
Jaggery with radish is harmful.
Vinegar with rice is harmful.
Kheer, polenta, jackfruit, santu should not be taken with kheer.
Honey is harmful with hot water.
Peanut, ghee, oil, melon, guava, berries, cucumber, cucumber, hot milk or hot food should not be taken with cold water.
With watermelon – mint or cold water should not be taken.
Cucumber, cucumber or cold fruit or cold water should not be taken with tea.
Along with hot food – cold food or cold drinks are harmful.
Along with melons- garlic, radish or its leaves, milk and curd are harmful.

Items placed in kansa, copper or brass vessels like ghee, oil, khatai, curd, buttermilk, milk, butter, juicy pulses, vegetables, etc., become toxic, so should not eat long stanzas kept in them. Placing, boiling and eating liquids in aluminum and plastic utensils causes various diseases.

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