History and Interesting Facts of Tanot Mata Temple

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Tanot Mata Mandir History :: Today in this Kaliyuga also there are many such places, which salute to have good power in this world. One of them is the social place Tanot Mata Temple, which is called the miraculous temple. It is said that 23 bombs were dropped by Pakistan on this temple. You will be surprised to know that not one of those bombs exploded. That temple remained as it was, now call it Seyong or Mother’s magic. But it is said that many other miracles have happened at this place, which is quite commendable.

There is Jaisalmer near the Pakistan border, from where Tanot Mata’s temple is about 120 km away. Where many devotees go for their wishes and worship. According to their wish, they get what they want.

Tanot was settled by the future Rajput Rao Tanuji, after that Rajput Rao also built the temple of Tanot Mata. Which is famous today as Tanot Mata and people from all over India come to visit here. During Navratri, there is a huge crowd here. For the darshan of the mother, the worship of the mother is done by the soldiers present there and aarti is also done at night and in the morning.

Mata Rani’s temple is highly prevalent all over India, where it is considered the center of reverence by the devotees. Because here their wishes are achieved. Whenever Mata Rani’s aarti takes place, after that, the whole border resonates with cheers and there is a different radiance there.

Mata Rani is said to have played a special role in the 1965 and 1971 wars between India and Pakistan. It was Mother Rani who had won India’s victory in this war. As shown in some movies.

History and Interesting Facts of Tanot Mata Temple | Tanot Mata Temple History

The miracle of Mata Rani in the battle of India and Pakistan

As this temple is highly revered by the devotees and according to them it is told that when there was war between India and Pakistan in September 1965 and 1971, at that time Pakistan dropped many of its bombs on the temple. But the wonderful thing is that this temple was not broken and the bombs falling on it did not explode. Since then, the soldiers and army officers there started reverence in the worship of this temple.

History of Tanot Mata Temple

That was a long time ago. There lived a bard, whose name was Mamadhiya Charan and he had no children. He was very upset and sad, he traveled many times on foot to Hinglaj Mata. One night Mata Rani came in his dream and asked him whether you want a son or a daughter. So Charan said, Mother, you are the mother of the world, take birth from me.

By the grace of Mother Hinglaj, 7 daughters and 1 son were born to Charan and one of those daughters was Awad Mata, which is today known as Tanot Mata. Charan was very happy, mother was born in him and his life became blessed.

This temple is said to be about 1200 years ago. Earlier no one was allowed to go here. But the Pakistani Brigadier Shahnawaz Khan, bowing down to the government, took permission and gave permission to the people visiting here to come.

After getting permission to visit, the Predator engraved a gold painting on the idol of Mata Rani, which is still a witness to that history. Even today, there is a gold head mounted on that idol.

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