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History of Ukraine :: Ukraine located on the continent of Europe, which is the second largest country in Europe. After separating from the Soviet Union, Ukraine became the 46th largest country in the world, with an area of ​​more than 600,000 square kilometers. The dispute between Russia and Ukraine, which started in 2014, has turned into a war today.

Russia was continuously attacking Ukraine for so many years, it also captured many parts of it. The dispute between Russia and Ukraine has drawn everyone’s attention to the country of Ukraine, due to which today everyone wants to know about Ukraine.

Because Russia’s President Putin described Ukraine as a fake country, according to whom Ukraine has no history or identity. Ukraine is a country created entirely by Russia.

That is why we have brought this article today, in which we will tell you about the interesting facts related to the history of Ukraine and the reason for the dispute between Ukraine and America, then definitely read the article till the end.

History and Interesting Facts of Ukraine | History of Ukraine

Geography of Ukraine ::

Ukraine is the second largest country in the continent of Europe after Russia, located in the east of Europe. Russia comes to its east, while Belarus lies to its northwest. To its southeast is the Black Sea.

It shares borders with Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Belarus. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Contribution in terms of agriculture comes third in the world.

Some interesting facts about Ukraine ::

77.8 percent of the total population of Ukraine are native villagers, while the remaining percentage are people settled from other countries.
Russia had developed a lot in Ukraine when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. At that time Russia used to make large ships and military weapons in Ukraine itself.

Russian is the most spoken language in the eastern and southern cities of Ukraine.
Seven places in Ukraine come in the list of World Heritage Sites. In this way Ukraine is also a country of historical heritage.
Ukraine has a railway line named Tunnel of Love, which starts from Klevan station and runs to the northern part of Orzhiv. This railway station is one of the most favorite and beloved places in Ukraine.
Ukraine became a part of the Soviet Union in 1922.
The total population of Ukraine is about 42.5 million.
Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe.
Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991.
There are many cities in Ukraine worth visiting, in which Kiwi city is the largest city in Ukraine and its population is also large. It was established in the year 1600. The city is a major center of economic, political and Sanskrit.
The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. This language is spoken in the western central cities of Ukraine and in rural areas.
Vyshyvanka is the national dress of Ukraine, which looks quite different because of the flowers and amazing embroidery work. It is a plain white shirt-like dress, which can be worn by both men and women.

History of Ukraine and the dispute between Russia and Ukraine

Before going to the cause of dispute between Russia and Ukraine, know everything about Ukraine. In fact, Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union before 1991. The Soviet Union was established in 1922, which was made up of 15 smaller countries and made it the largest country.

Ukraine also joined the Soviet Union in 1922. Actually the Soviet Union was founded in 1917 by the emperor of Russia, who was called Tsar, who was Nucolus II. Opposed to him was the Bolshevik Revolution, the hero of which was Lenin. It was Lenin who created an organization which was named Soviet Union.

It was a federation created by Lenin by merging 15 independent gun states, including Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. .

After Lenin’s death in 1924, Joseph Stalin assumed the reins of power in the Soviet Union. He initiated large-scale industrialization in the Soviet Union during his reign. He created a central economic system. A group was formed by combining agriculture, natural gas, petroleum products and other businesses.

At that time, the agriculture of the farmers became the property of the nation, not their personal property. Stalin is also said to have persecuted members of the Communist Party, leaders and communities of the Soviet Union during his reign.

dissolution of the soviet union

The rigid administrative system was introduced in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, which began to expose the weaknesses of the communist regime. The effect of this was that in those countries of Eastern Europe where there was a communist government, the people of that place became angry with their political and economic structure.

Then the people of Eastern European countries started growing distrust of their government, which took the form of mass rebellion and this was the reason that the Soviet Union came to the brink of disintegration.

After that, on March 11, 1950, Gorbachev assumed the leadership of the Soviet Union. It made many policies to strengthen Russia’s economic condition and communism in a positive way, and due to the policies made by it, the central authority of the Soviet Union started to weaken.

In such a situation, the strength of the powers fighting against the center in the Soviet Union increased. Gorbachev’s so-called democratic policies recognized the separation of the republics from the Soviet Union. On seeing this, one by one the republics of the Soviet Union became independent. Finally, on 19 August 1991, the Soviet Union completely disintegrated.

Dispute started between Ukraine and Russia

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, everything was fine in Ukraine from 1991 to 2014. But the problem arose since Viktor Yanukovich became the President of Ukraine. He was a supporter of Russia. He was being asked by Russia for Ukraine not to join the European Union.

Because America has a trick that the countries included in the European Union are made members of NATO and if any one member country of NATO is attacked by a third country, then all of NATO’s countries are attacked. Member countries attack it together.

NATO includes all dangerous and powerful countries, it mostly includes countries of Europe and America. But the people of Ukraine wanted to join the European Union, then finally the President of Russia Viktor Yanukovich made the final decision that he would not include Ukraine in the European Union, after which the people of Ukraine started a rebellion against him, after which in 2014 He fled to Russia.

After this, a new government came in Ukraine, which agreed to include Ukraine in the European Union. Due to which Russia got angry and then it captured the lower part of Ukraine which is called Crimea by sending its troops. At that time the whole world was watching. Nobody did anything against Russia.

The occupation of the Crimean part of Ukraine led to the complete control of the Black Sea by Russia. Although the western country was imposing sanctions on Russia. The world’s eight powerful economy countries called G8, which include Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, America and Canada.

All of them expelled Russia from this group in 2014. After which tensions continued between Russia and Ukraine. In order to prevent conflict between these two countries and to establish peace between them, France and Germany signed a peace and ceasefire agreement between the two in 2015 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

In this, Ukraine also said that it will take care that the influence of Europe and America does not build up in Russia. But things went wrong when Ukraine decided to join NATO in 2017. The full form of NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was established in 1949. Presently 30 countries are included in NATO and all these countries are powerful and dangerous.

But Russia did not accept Ukraine joining NATO. Because according to Article 5 of NATO, if a third country attacks any country in the countries involved, then all these countries together will attack that third country. In such a situation, if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, then America’s army can easily enter Ukraine.

Even the troops of all the countries involved in NATO can come to Ukraine, they can get along with it. By which they can take advantage of Russia’s weakness and if America also fires a bullet on Ukraine, then Russia will also attack it in return and if Russia strikes then all the NATO countries will attack it together, so that Russia All the work will be done.

The same dispute is about the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, all this dispute has been spread between America and NATO. But poor Ukraine is suffering. However, it is not Russia’s fault either. Because every country keeps its national security in mind. In such a situation, he cannot bear the fact that his neighboring countries in Ukraine, who are enemies of Russia, should be supported.

That is why in order to teach Ukraine a lesson, Russia first annexed Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014, due to which Russia’s domination of the Black Sea was also established completely.

Russia’s rule over 2 cities of Ukraine

After establishing supremacy in the Crimea province of Ukraine, Russia raised rebels in two Ukrainian cities of Luhansk and Donetsk and sent its troops there and declared those two cities as independent countries. There he raised the President and the Prime Minister and sent letters to Uno for military power help, from which he attacked Ukraine after getting the help of military power.

Why Ukraine is not getting the support of UNO?

The question also arises that when Russia attacked 2 cities of Ukraine, then why is the UNO not helping it? Let us tell you that UNO has become a puppet of America, he does not take any action on his own. Article 7 of the UNO recognizes that if any part of a country wants to become independent, it can become independent from that country by taking the help of any other country.

In such a situation, Russia also did this trick. He took advantage of Article 7 of the UNO. First he had already captured two Ukrainian cities Luhansk and Dinestsk and made there Prime Minister and President, who wrote letters to the UNO for military power and then the UNO gave him military help, which attacked Ukraine.

In such a situation, Russia does not call it a war, it calls it a special military operation. That is why no one is helping Ukraine. The same trick was used by America while attacking Libya, Vietnam and Korea. So how can Russia be wrong when America was not wrong.

Even when the Taliban attacked Afghanistan, the UNO did not take any action. In this way an organization named UNO has been formed but it is not able to help in any way. This is the reason why Ukraine is not getting any help from Uno.

Why does Ukraine become vulnerable to Russia?

The reason for Ukraine’s weakness in front of Russia is its military power. Russia’s military power is quite strong in front of Ukraine. Where Russia has more than 8 lakh soldiers, Ukraine has only two lakh soldiers. Russia has 772 fighter jets while Ukraine has only 69 fighter jets. Russia’s Air Force comes second on Globalfirepower.com’s list, while Ukraine comes in 31st.

What is the capital of Ukraine?
The capital of Ukraine is Kiwi.

What is the language of Ukraine?
Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine. Although Russian language is also spoken there.

When did Ukraine separate from the Soviet Union?
Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991.

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