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Pabuji Rathore History :: We are proud that we have been born on a land like India, where many brave and brave people were born, whose heroic stories are still on everyone’s tongue. In the pages of the history of this country, only the saga of the heroes has been sung. Still, there were so many heroes in this country that the stories of some heroes have disappeared in the pages of history.

He was an example of bravery for the people in his time, from whom even the enemies trembled. Today we will learn about the history of one such great hero, Pabuji Rathod, whose story of bravery you will also be inspired by him.

That heroic belonged to that self-respecting and sacrificial community, whose valor’s enemies were also crazy. So let us know who was Veer Pabuji Maharaj and why was he so popular among the people of Rajasthan?

History of Pabuji Maharaj | Pabuji Rathore History

Who was Pabuji Rathod?

Pabuji Rathod is a folk deity of Rajasthan, also known as the god of camels. Even camels are worshiped and worshiped when they are sick. He is considered an incarnation of Lakshmana. These were the descendants of Rao Siha, the original man of the Rathores. His father’s name was Dhandhalji and mother’s name was Kamalade.

He was married to a woman named Phoolmade, who was the daughter of Raja Surajmal Sodha of Amarkot, Rajasthan. Pabuji Rathod also had two heroic famous companions, whose names were “Chanda and Dama”. Pabuji Rathod is the adorable god for the Rebari castes who rear camels.

Even the Muslims of Mehr caste worship him as Pir. It is also said that the credit for bringing the first camel to Marwar goes to him. People perform thali folk dance in their worship. They were so brave and brave that their enemies could not even touch the subjects of Rajput states while they were alive. To protect his motherland, even after his head was cut off, his torso trembled by fighting.

Interesting story of the life of Pabuji Rathore Maharaj

It is said that Pabuji Rathod took half of the seven rounds in his marriage on earth and half in heaven. Actually the thing was that Pabu ji Maharaj had promised a woman whose name was Deval Charni to protect her.

Once when someone started stealing the cows of that woman, then that person called Pabu Ji Maharaj for help. Then Pabu ji Maharaj left half the rounds and went to protect his cows and got martyrdom in the fight. That is why it is said that he did half the rounds on earth and half the rounds in heaven.

Pabuji Maharaj had given the promise of protection

Once Pabuji Maharaj was going somewhere. On the way he saw a herd of cows. A beautiful mare was also grazing in the middle of the herd. Pabuji Maharaj’s face lit up on seeing that mare. Maharaj felt like taking that mare with him. But they came to know that this mare belonged to a woman named Deval Charni.

Pabuji Maharaj urged the woman to give him her mare. But the woman refused to give him the mare. But later she agrees on one condition. She tells Pabuji Maharaj that I will give this mare to you but whenever there is a crisis on me or my cows, then I will have to come for help.

Pabuji Maharaj agrees. But ask them how will I know whether you or your cows are in trouble? Then Devli says that whenever there is a crisis on me or my cows, then this mare will make a strange kind of sound. With that voice you will understand that there is a crisis on me or my livestock and at that time you will have to come to our help.

Pabuji Rathod’s marriage

One day Pabuji Rathod had gone to Sodha Rana Surajmal of Amarkot. Rana Surajmal had a daughter. Those who liked Pabuji Maharaj at first sight and then decided in their mind that she would marry Pabuji Maharaj only.

To convey his proposal to Pabuji Maharaj, he talked to his mother about it and then when Pabuji Maharaj came to know about it, he very politely told her that I do not want to insult you. But my head has already passed. I have already given a promise to any person that I will protect him in trouble and I will not even care about my life to protect him.

In such a situation, you can become a widow at any time. On hearing this, the Maharaja’s daughter says that the person who does not have his own head. If it has already been sold for the protection of a person, then that person becomes immortal forever. So I can never be a widow. That’s why I will marry you only.

Then finally the Maharaja gives his consent and then both of them get married. But on the day of marriage, when it was time for seven rounds, then Pabu Ji Maharaj’s mare starts making a strange sound in the middle of the round. Maharaj comes to know from this voice that perhaps some trouble has come upon the old lady. That is why they leave their half rounds and go to protect that woman.

There he fought with the enemy and attained martyrdom. But he had freed all the cows. When the princess comes to know about this, she takes a coconut in her hand, taking Agni as a witness and takes the rest and then in the end she too goes to heaven.

Even after this incident, there is a belief among the people of Rajasthan that if any animal is in trouble, then as soon as the name of Pabuji Maharaj is taken, they still come to protect the animals.

Pabuji Rathod Maharaj’s Fair

A fair is held every year on the new moon of Chaitra month in the main temple of Pabuji Rathod, located in Kolumand, Jodhpur. This fair is held in his song of fame. People sing pavde and pavde in their praise. These are the songs sung in his praise.

What was the name of Pabuji Maharaj’s horse?
The name of Pabuji Maharaj’s mare was Kesar Kalmi.

What was the name of Pabuji Maharaj’s wife?
His wife’s name was Phoolmade.

To which woman did Pabuji Maharaj promise to protect him?
Pabuji Maharaj had promised to protect a woman named Deval Charni in return for giving her mare.

How did Pabuji Maharaj die?
He died while fighting to protect the cows of a woman named Deval Charni.

Which is the smallest furrow?
The smallest Phad is that of Devnarayan.

What is the name of Pabuji’s father?
Pabu’s father’s name was Dhandhalji.


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