Holika Prahlad Full Story – Story of Holika Dahan

Sanatan Bhakti सनातन भक्ति
Namaskar, Holika Prahlad’s story related to the festival of Holi is very much discussed. Below we have written the whole story in detail.

Full Story of Holika Prahlad (Holika Dahan) – Story of Holika Prahlad (Holika Dahan)

Two brothers named Harnakhsh and Parnakhsh lived in Baikunth, due to the curse of the gods, they had to leave Baikunth, Harnakhsh was very strong, he came to rule the earth and suddenly Parnakhsh died. Even though Harnakhsh was strong, he feared death and wanted to overcome death. He left his kingdom and went to the Himalayan Mountains and started doing penance. Impressed by his hard penance and spiritual practice, Bhagavan appeared in front of him. Harnakhsh asked for the boon written from God.

1) I should neither die by day nor die at night.

2) I should not die inside or die outside.

3) I neither die on earth nor in the sky.

4) I neither die of disease nor death.

5) I should not die from humans or animals.

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God gave this groom to Harnakhsh. Harnaksh became very happy. He came to earth and started ruling again. Now he was not afraid of anyone. He started celebrating his life on the people of the earth. He started committing atrocities in hunk. He even gave people the right to chant his name instead of God.

After some time, a son was born in Harnakhsh’s house. He was named Prahlad. When Prahlada grew up, he was sent to school. The teacher of the school taught Prahlada to chant Harnakhsh’s name. But Prahlada Harnakhsh used to chant the name of God. He considered God greater than Harnakhsh.

The Guru complained to Prahlada with Harnaksh. Harnakhsh called Prahlada and asked, why does he chant the name of God instead of chanting his name?

Prahlad said, “Ishwar is all-powerful. He has created all the nature. ” Hearing his son’s answer, Harnaksh became iron-eyed. He was threatened that even the rest of the people might not be caught by him. He thundered and said, “I am the most powerful, no one can die me. I can finish you now. “

Hearing his voice, Prahlad’s mother also came there. He cajoled Harnakhsh and said, “Don’t you all kill it, I try to explain it.” She sat with Prahlada and said, “Your father is the most powerful on this earth.” He has got the blessing of being immortal. Take their word for it. “

Prahlada said, “Mother, I am a mother that my father is very powerful but the most powerful God has made us all. He has also made father Joe. Hearing this answer of Prahlada, his mother became helpless. Prahlada was proud of his faith. Harnaksh got more angry after seeing this. He ordered his executioners to drown Prahlada in the sea. The executioner took Prahlad to throw him into the sea.

He threw Prahlada into the sea and a sea wave threw Prahlada to the shore. The executioners again threw Prahlad into the sea. Prahlad came out again. When the executioners came and told Harnakhsh, he said that he should die by throwing him down from a high altitude. The executioners did so but Prahlad fell on a dense tree due to which he did not get any injury. When Harnakhsh threw Prahlad in front of a mad elephant, the elephant who crushed him under his feet. But the elephant did not say anything to Prahlada. It seemed as if the sari was helping Prahlad in nature.

Harnakhsh had a sister named Holika. Holika wanted to overcome the troubles of her brother Harnakhsh. Holika could have been burnt due to groom. She told her brother that she would sit with Prahlad in her lap. For that reason, she herself will be saved from burning in the fire, but Prahlad will burn. This is how it was done.

A lot of balan was collected. Holika then took Prahlad in her lap and sat in Balan. Balan was set on fire. But Holika got burnt in this fire but Prahlad survived. When Holika misused the power found in the boon, that boon became a curse for her.

Harnaksh became mad in a similar way in anger. He did not understand what to do. He got an iron pole heated. When the pole was hot it turned red. Then he called Prahlada and asked, “Where is your divine?” Prahlada replied, “God is involved in every particle. He is inside me, within you, inside everybody. “

Harnakhsh said, “Is God in this pillar?

Prahlada replied in yes. Then Harnakhsh told Prahlad that if God is inside this pillar then he should embrace this pillar. Before this, Prahlada melted on seeing this hot pole, he saw an ant on the pole. Then Prahlad embraced the hot pillar. There was no loss.

After all, Harnakhsh, blinded by car, took out the sword. He attacked Prahlada with a sword. The sword went to the pillar and the pole broke. It is said that at that time, God appeared as a male lion. Half of this form of God was of man and half of lion. He lifted Harnakhsh and sat on the threshold and placed him on his lap. Harnakhsh realizes that his end is near. He told Nar Singh that he had received a boon that no one could kill him. Nar Singh said that he is being killed only after fulfilling all the conditions of his boon.

On saying this, Nar Singh killed Harnaksh with his fingernails. At that time there was neither day nor night. Both times used to meet, it was evening time. At the time of dying Harnaksh was neither in nor out, he was in the threshold. At that time, he was not on the earth nor in the sky, he was in the lap of Nar Singh. Harnakhsh died neither with disease nor with any weapon. Nar Singh’s nails made him sleep forever. There was no complete human form nor animal form to kill him. In this way, even the conditions received by Harnakhsh could not save him.

God fulfilled all the things and ended Harnakhsh to destroy the oppression. Prahlada began to rule the earth and everyone was happy in his kingdom.

For this reason, Holika Dahan is done one night before every Holi to celebrate the victory over the evil of good, based on this event and the festival of colors of Holi is celebrated the next day.

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