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In today’s time, as many people as you see, all are running after government jobs. Don’t know why people are not able to think about other things, some of them will be you too How to Become a Tehsildar What do Tehsildars do? What should be the eligibility to become a Tehsildar (Eligibility For Tehsildar) Hope you will get most of the information related to Tehsildar by reading this.

When we are young, we live our life openly by doing what we want to do because it is a passion to work and we accomplish that thing without thinking, similarly when we all grow up If you think of becoming something, you can get a good job by reading, but those who study with passion, they do the whole dream and those who dream but they are not able to fill the passion in them, due to which they fail. If you want information about a Tehsildar kaise bane, then read the article completely.

Why didn’t you run? Government job gives us so much benefit. From time to time salary, leave, holidays as well as what every people want, everything is available in a government job and in today’s time government job has more value, so what is the age limit to become a Tehsildar? What is the salary of Tehsildar? (Tehsildar Salary) What are the benefits of becoming a Tehsildar? Today I am going to tell you about all these things. Which you will enjoy reading.

Who is Tehsildar?

Tehsildar, whom we also call Talukdar in our surrounding language, who is the head of the revenue under his state, ie in-charge. Whose work is to collect the responsibilities given by the government i.e. revenue.

Within each state there are many Tehsildars who work in their respective districts; That is, there are many Tehsildars in the entire state, who do the work of revenue in-charge within their state.

Apart from revenue, it is also their job to listen to disputes related to land, solve their problems, examine the works given by the patwari and keep giving assured updates from the land from time to time.

Eligibility For Tehsildar

Friends, first of all, to become a Tehsildar, it is very important for you to have some qualification, then you have to first pass 10th, after that do Graduation Kher, if you want to become a Tehsildar, then it is very important to have all these qualifications which is something like this. Is:-

  1. You must have Graduation or Post Graduate degree from any recognized university.
  2. If you have passed law degree then you are given some relaxation in selection under it.
  3. Along with your educational qualifications, you should also be able to understand legal tricks.
  4. It is very important to have your self-confidence so that you can easily do the responsible work.
  5. You must be a citizen of India.
  6. Age Limit
  7. If you want to become Tehsildar in future then your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age should be 43 years.

In this, the people of the reserved category are given age relaxation of 3 years and those who are suffering from physical problems are also given age relaxation.

How to Become a Tehsildar

Friends, if you want to become a Tehsildar, then you will have to work hard for this, and you will have to fill a passion in you that whatever happens, you have to remain a Tehsildar, then believe that no one will be able to stop you from becoming a Tehsildar. Even if you fail once or twice, then you do not have to panic at all, you just have to keep working hard.

1 12th pass from any subject

Friends, first of all, you have to pass 10th with good marks, after that take admission in 11th with any subject and pass 12th and try to get good marks, this will give you a chance to study in a good college, then you pass 12th.

2 complete graduation

Friends, as soon as you pass 12th, after this you must have a graduation degree first. Because this is a big post, it is very important to have graduation qualification for this and if you have completed graduation from law then it will be better for you too.

Apply for 3 Tehsildar

So as soon as your eligibility is fulfilled, after that if the vacancy of Tehsildar comes out, then articles are issued by the state government for it in the newspaper. After that you can give the Tehsildar exam by filling that application; But for this also you can read many types of exams.

To become a Tehsildar, you have to go through 3 stages i.e. to become a Tehsildar you will have to give exam in 3 stages and also have to pass in it.

Screening Test
Mains Exam

4 Screening Test

Screening tests are taken in the first stage. In which you are asked a total of 150 multiple choice questions from General Knowledge which are of 2 hours. If you clear this first exam then in second stage you are called for main exam.

5 Mains Exam

Friends, as soon as you clear the screening test, after that you are called for the main examination and there are total 4 papers in the main examination. In which all the papers are compulsory for you. In which it is very important to score good marks. So you can pass this exam in some way.

6 Interview

If you pass the second stage also with good marks; Then you are called for the third stage i.e. the last stage i.e. Interview. Many questions are asked to the candidate in the interview. Whose answer and way of giving is seen. For which it is very important for you to be physically as well as mentally prepared.

If you pass the interview with good marks then you can become a Tehsildar.

How to Prepare for Tehsildar

Friends, if you want to become a Tehsildar, then you should prepare in the right direction, that is, you should know that Tehsildar ki teyari kaise kare so that you can understand everything well and you can prepare properly, then I will give you some tips. Which will help you in preparing for Tehsildar.

First of all, after knowing the syllabus well, make a time table accordingly.

Keep a good knowledge of the history and geography related to the state in which you want to do the job of Tehsildar.
After this, you can read the news daily, for this you can also read in mobile or you can also read the news paper.
You must read the book related to general knowledge, history, geography of your state.
You must read the NCERT book
You must make a note, this will help you when you have your exam.
Must read the previous year question paper and try to solve it.

What is the work of Tehsildar (Works of Tehsildar )

If you want to become a Tehsildar in future, then it is very important for you to know that what are the duties you will have to perform by becoming a Tehsildar, then today I am going to tell you about the work of Tehsildar which is something like this:-

  1. First of all, the task of the Tehsildar is to maintain all the records related to tax; Which is a very responsible task.
  2. Their work is also whether all the people are paying the tax amount on time or not; Checking this thing so that the government does not suffer any kind of loss.
  3. The work of Tehsildar is not only related to tax but also related to land. For example: – To get the property vacated or to get its right to someone is also the job of the Tehsildar.
  4. It also supervises the Patwari and Kanungo working under his supervision.
  5. Their main function is revenue ie tax; For which the government appoints them.

Benefits of becoming a Tehsildar

Look, every job has some advantages and some disadvantages, so similarly there are many benefits of becoming a Tehsildar, some of which I am going to tell you:-

  1. First of all you have your own name under your district.
  2. The most important work related to revenue under the district is done under you.
  3. listening to land disputes, resolving their problems; In that too you get many profits.
  4. The list of all the revenue of the government is also in your hands.
  5. You have a lot of respect within your own district.

Tehsildar Salary

Friends, I want to tell you that after becoming a Tehsildar, you will never have to worry about salary because there is a lot of money in it, just you should have the skill to earn Kher, the salary of Tehsildar ranges from ₹ 15500 to 39000 rupees per month. It also depends on your skill, if your work style and experience is good enough then your salary will also be very good.


In today’s article, I told you about the topics related to Tehsildar. In this I told you who is called Tehsildar? (What is Tehsildar ) How to become a Tehsildar? What are the benefits of becoming a Tehsildar? What is the qualification required to become a Tehsildar? Benefits of Becoming Tehsildar I told you about all these things in this article.

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