How to build body in 30 days

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How to build body in 30 days :: Good health matters a lot in our life. If we keep a good personality. So even if we stand among many people. You will still be the center of attraction. We see it often. That around us or we are eager to build a body.

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But despite much efforts, we do not get success. And this is the main reason. That we have important information to make a body. Could not be able to meet them. Today, therefore, Hindi people will provide you with all kinds of information related to body building. So that you can easily build your body in a month. You will be able to find the answer easily. So let’s get started.

How to make body in 30 days

Home remedies to build body in a month –

Many of us are such people. Those who cannot afford expensive food and gym. Then it becomes necessary. That we should take some measures at home. So below, we will give you some tips so that you can build your body at home.

  1. It is important to know before making a body. How many calories of energy your body needs. If your body needs as many calories. Providing more than that to the body. Then surely there will be growth in your muscles.
  2. To make a good body, you should eat protein rich food during the day.
  3. Exercise is the most essential to build a body. If you exercise. So your muscle will break and when you give your muscle protein diet. So their growth will be very good.
  4. You must eat milk, egg, peanut, peanut butter, sprouted moong and gram, banana, dates etc. in your diet.
  5. In addition to diet and exercise to build your body, you must have a good sleep. Because if you do not give rest to your body after exercise, then your muscles will not develop well.

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Diet chart to build body in a month, bodybulding diet plan in hindi –
Talking about the most important thing in making a body, it will be a good diet. If your diet is good according to your body. So your body will become very fast. So let’s see how to maintain a diet to build a body in a month.

  1. After waking up in the morning, you must first drink a glass. After that you complete your daily activities.
  2. After that you have to take heavy breakfast. For this, you can add the following things to your diet. We are giving you several options below. From which you can choose any one according to your choice.

●) two egg omelets and two brown breads
●) a bowl of porridge
●) a bowl of oats
●) Sprouted moong, gram, soybean grains, varieties

  1. After the breakfast is done well, now it is the turn to boil a bowl for lunch. After that, mix salt, chopped onion and tomato and pepper in those boiled chickpeas. It will become very tasty. Now you eat it.


If you do not like this, then put a bowl made in your house instead and you can eat the vegetables along with the rotis. That too will fill your calories. But it must be noted that if the food is protein rich, it will be better.

  1. After this, the person who has the most important role in increasing your weight – that of Mass Gainer. For this, take a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, 5 – 6 dates, 7- 8 cashew nuts, 4 – 5 almonds and half a cup of milk. Now mix it in the mixie. After this your shake will be ready. It is very tasty in pine. At the same time it is very helpful in increasing your weight.
  2. After that, in the evening, remove 4-5 eggs with yellow parts and eat them. This will supply your body protein. If you cannot eat eggs, you can also take roasted gram and peanuts instead.
  3. Now comes the time. In this dinner time, you can add paneer vegetables and roti to your diet.

Exercise to build body in 30 days –

Along with diet, which are most important in making a body. He is an exercise. If your exercises are good. So it will be very helpful in creating a body. Below we are providing information about some exercises. Which will be very helpful in increasing your weight.

Push Ups –

To push, you first have to lie on your stomach. After this, you will bring both your hands under the shoulder. After this, you will rise up on your hands. And after getting up you will come down again. This is the process you have to set 3. And you must do 15 push-ups in each set.

Squates –

To do this, first you have to stand upright. After that, open the leg under your shoulder. After that you have to sit halfway down without bending your back. You can also do this process in three sets. And do 15 rips in a set.

Biceps –

You need two bricks to grow biceps. Take these bricks, one by one with the hands respectively, one by three times. This will give good growth to your biceps muscle.

Important tips or things to keep in mind in 30 days –

We need discipline to do any work. If you want to build a good body in a month. So these are important. That we must also take care of some things. So let’s know. That we should keep in mind while making a body.

  1. First of all if we want to make our body. So if smoking or drinking alcohol. So we have to give it up.
  2. Follow your diet regularly. At the same time, you should decide which things are right for you. Maintain your diet accordingly.
  3. Do not take extra fat body at all in order to make quick body. If possible, take similar things that will get good fat because they can cause problems later.
  4. If you are thinking of taking supplements. So it would be better that you get more information in this subject first. There are some websites which provide us with the original material. Otherwise, all failed products are sold.
  5. Before exercising, it is important that we must take workout miles. In this, you can take things like bananas, brown bread with peanut butter etc. You can also add banana shake in it. But it is important that you take it two hours before the exercise. So that it is digested before exercising.

Final Word :: – Hopefully you will have liked the information of how to make body in 30 days provided by us. If you like this information. And if any of your friends who ask you how to build a body in a month, then definitely share this article. Also, write us in the comment box and tell us how you liked this article.

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