How to change Username on Instagram


In this article we will tell you about how to change Username on Instagram. Today, social media is being used a lot. In which Instagram is an emerging social media site. Photos and videos are shared on this site and app.

Let me tell you that big celebrities also use Instagram, through this app, celebrities share information related to their daily life. This is the reason that the number of people following its app is quite high. In social media sites, Instagram is a very popular app that is used by most people using the Internet.

For your information, let us know that Instagram was launched in the year 2010. This social site had become quite popular in a short time. In view of its popularity, in 2012, Facebook bought its creator by giving 1 billion US Dollars. In this way, now the owner of this site and its app is Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook.

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Whenever we create an account in a site, we name anything when creating an account. Like Username it is the identity of your account but when you create an account, we create our username according to the suggestion of the site.

Although in some sites you do not get the option to change the username, but where you talk about instagram, you can change Username in it. If you had kept anything username in a hurry, then you can also change it. Many people do not know such small things.

If you also want to know how to change instagram Username, then this information is being given to you in this post. You can change your Instagram username very easily by following the steps given below. So first you have to open your Instagram app.

Then go to your profile as shown in the image. Now click on Edit Profile, this will open a new page in which you will see the option of account and username, from here you can change your username.

Whenever you enter your new username, your Username should be unique. Meaning that the new username you have written has not already been taken by any other user. If so, you will have to choose another username. If you run your instagram account in a browser, then you have to follow the steps given below to change the username in the browser.

First of all log in to your website with Instagram. After this, go to your profile and after going to profile, you have to click on Edit Profile. Like app here, you will see the account name and username. If you want to change the username then you have to write a new and unique Username instead.

After that click on submit, your Username will be changed. So now you must know how to change Username on Instagram, you can change your username very easily by following the steps mentioned above. The way of mobile app and computer is almost same. In both, you need to go to profile. You can change your account name and username after editing the profile.

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