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Gusse Ko Control Kaise Kare: Hello friends, today we are again presenting in front of you all, about the way to control anger. Anger is like a disease, if we are angry then we do not listen to anyone and this proves to be very bad for all of us. If you can control your anger then your life can improve a lot.

By getting angry, all of you break the relationship you have made in a moment, so please keep your anger calm and still if you are not able to keep your anger calm then this article of ours is going to be very important for you.

Today we have told all of you in this article that how to control anger? (How to Control Anger in Hindi), to control anger, all of you have to follow the easy steps mentioned in this article of ours and you will go away from your anger slowly.

Sometimes it happens that we all get very angry after hearing a little abuse and start throwing things here and there, screaming loudly and sometimes even assaulting the person who comes in front. Let’s do it We have to work very hard to control anger.

No matter how angry you are, don’t let your anger overwhelm you. If this happens then it will be very difficult for you to control anger. Let friends start this article of ours and know the way to calm down anger.

How to get over anger Gusse Ko Control Kaise Kare

learn to calm yourself

We all cry and scream the most when angry, so you do not have to do this at all, you have to always try to remain calm. Our advice would be that you all move away from such places where you get angry. There are many people who make us angry but we should stay away from them and do other things to keep ourselves calm.

Staying calm can bring great improvement in life. Everything done peacefully leads a person to success. All of you people should always be happy and talk to people in the world and not get angry. If you will be angry with others, then they will also be angry with you and in such a situation your relationship with them can be very bad. So please learn to be calm. To stay calm, you do meditation, yoga, games, reading books etc.

think before you speak

Often in enthusiasm, all of us start blaming others without thinking anything, so you do not have to do this. To control anger, you all have to think before speaking anything. Thinking before speaking is one of the biggest and most important things in life.

We should always think once before saying anything. While thinking, that thing must be kept in mind, so that it can be clear that what you are blaming is right or wrong.

If someone talks and behaves indecently with you, then it is natural to get angry, but you should answer their words with great love and fearlessness and while answering you must think, otherwise you may get into a lot of trouble later.

leave the place when angry

Whenever you get angry, you immediately leave the place where there is an atmosphere of anger. Leaving the place does not mean that all of you leave that place forever, but stay away from that place until the atmosphere of anger subsides.

If someone calls you cowardice or something about how you do it, then let him tell you to do so, it is not cowardly but wise.

extinguish your anger with good thinking

A good thought plays an important role in your life. If you get angry, then do not bring such things in mind, which will make you angry even more, rather think better, due to which the anger goes away.

not shout at others but go alone

Whenever you get angry, instead of shouting at others, you go alone and shout at yourself. By doing this you will remove your frustration and at the same time you will also remove your own tension. This is the best way to get rid of anger.

If you remove your frustration then your anger will also subside and after some time you will be back to normal again. Many such places have been created in our country, where you can overcome your frustrations and you can also remove your frustration by breaking the items kept there.

Not only this, some such things are also kept in such a place, by seeing and attacking them, you can remove your frustrations.

break away from bad habits

Bad habits prove to be very fatal for us and all of you can drive away or control your anger by staying away from bad habits. Due to bad habits, whenever you hear anything or even a little abuse, you will start getting angry and sometimes it happens that you fight with yourself and start blaming others.

Bad people have a tendency to do this, so please drive away the bad habit inside you, your anger will automatically subside.

Count the numbers when you are angry

When angry, it is okay to shout, break things, etc. to remove your frustration and if you can not find such a place, then all of you sit in a place where the atmosphere is pure and count the numbers by closing your eyes.

By counting, you can reduce your frustration and free yourself from anger. Counting numbers can also prove to be very beneficial to reduce anger.

read good books

If you ever get angry, then sit down reading books without thinking anything. You can reduce your frustration by reading the books written in your mind and many such things are also written in the books, which inspire you to think very well.

Reading books does not mean that you pick up any book and start reading, you read such books, in which motivational things have been said.

play games

If all of you people do not like to read then all of you can play games to overcome your frustration. While playing the game we all go from our outside world to other world and forget all our anger.

Whenever you get angry, try and play online battle royale games, so that you all can take your frustrations on the anime in these games. Many people play in the battle royale game and in such a situation that admit will also come in your game, then you can hit those animes and vent your anger on them.

do meditation

Medication is the most important and important thing to control anger. By getting up in the morning every morning, you can control your anger by doing meditation and you can also reduce your frustration. It is very difficult to control anger.

But if you do meditation daily then you will get control of anger very easily and quickly. However, anger is something that is very difficult to conquer. But if you do meditation every day, then you can easily conquer anger too.

forget the mistakes

May you all learn to forget all the mistakes made by yourself and by others. You remember your mistakes and correct them but forget the mistakes of others. If you correct your mistakes then you can be free from many diseases of your life, one of which is anger. That is, you can also control your anger by making a habit of forgetting the mistakes.

Many times it happens that we see some people who have done something to us before and we start getting angry on them and also start beating them, then we do not have to do this, rather we have to do something about their mistakes. Forget them and treat them with respect even after meeting them later.

learn to forgive

As we told you in the above point that you should forget the mistakes of others and along with forgetting their mistakes, all of you should also forgive them. There are many people from whom mistakes are made unintentionally and they later regret their mistakes and even apologize.

If you forgive them, you will be able to control your anger. Forgiveness is not for everyone and to control anger, you have to learn both the art of forgetting mistakes and forgiving.


Hope all of you people must have liked this article written by us, easy way to control anger (Gusse Ko Control Kaise Kare). If you really liked this article written by us, then please do share it and if you have any kind of question or suggestion regarding this article, then definitely tell us in the comment box.

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