How to know the CIF Number of SBI Bank Account?

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Today we will talk and learn more about CIF Number, what is the CIF Number of Bank Account, what is the use of CIF Number and how can you find (CIF) address of SBI Bank account and other Banks account?

Whenever we transfer our bank account from one branch to another branch or activate online banking of our account and apart from these, there are many such things for which we need the CIF number of our bank account.

Let’s know what the CIF number is and how you can find your bank account CIF code.

What is a CIF Number? What is full form of CIF ?

The full form of CIF is “Customer Information File” and CIF number means the number of customer information file.

CIF is a digital or virtual file in which the account holder contains all personal and banking details and a unique number of this file is called CIF number or CIF code.

The CIF number of any bank account holder is very important for that bank because with the help of this number, the bank finds out the name, account type, balance, account transactions, loan details and etc. KYC information of that account holder.

The CIF number of all the customers of any bank is unique and every customer has only one unique CIF number i.e. if you have more than one account or deposite in the same bank then you will have only one CIF code and all account and deposit Will be linked to the same CIF code.

In simple words, CIF number is just like your aadhaar card number as aadhaar card number is your unique identity code. Just like that, the CIF number is also a unique code, with the help of which the bank is able to track the banking information of any particular customer.

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How to find the CIF Number of any Bank Account?

All banks have different format of CIF number i.e. some banks have CIF number 8 digit and some CIF number is 11 digit. I have told the CIF number format of some banks below.

Central Bank of India: 10 Digits
Axis Bank: 4 Digits
HDFC Bank: 8 Digits
SBI Bank: 11 Digits

As you have seen that the CIF number format of most of the banks is different but the way to find the CIF number of all bank accounts is almost the same. I have given below some ways with the help of which you can find the CIF number of any bank account.

CIF No is on the front page of the Pass Book.
CIF No is on the front page of the check book
You can find out by going to Bank Branch
By calling the toll free number of your bank’s customer care

How to find CIF Number of SBI Account?

I am telling you in this post only from the CIF number find details of SBI account because SBI is the largest bank in India i.e. this bank has the most branches and customers in India. Let’s see how you can find the CIF number of SBI account.

Method 1: How to Find CIF Number in Passbook?

This is the easiest way to find the CIF number of any bank account, because in it you (account holder) have to open your bank passbook and see its first page where there is information like Name, Account number, IFSC number etc.

As you are seeing in the below image, the CIF number is given just before the account number on the front page of the SBI passbook, so in this way you can find your CIF code in the passbook of any bank.

Method 2: How to find CIF Number through Internet Banking?

Another method of finding CIF number is Internet Banking. Now you must be thinking that when we can easily find the CIF number in the passbook, then why find it through Internet Banking, then your question answer is that the CIF code was not printed in the old passbook.

Apart from this, it is not necessary when you need a CIF number for some work and at that time you have a bank passbook, so you should come to find the CIF number through Internet banking. Let’s learn how you can find the CIF number through SBI Internet Banking.

First you login to your SBI Internet Banking account and then click on View Nomination and PAN Details.

Now you will have the Nomination and PAN details show in front of you and here you will have the CIF number show as you can see in the image below, so you can find your CIF number in Internet Banking of any bank.

Method 3: How to Find CIF Number in SBI Anywhere App?

SBI Anywhere app is an internet banking app i.e. SBI customer who has internet facility available, they can login in it with their username and password and can do all the work related to online banking with the help of this app.

If you also use the SBI Anywhere app and want to find the CIF code in the SBI Anywhere app, then you have to login in it first and then click on the Service icon and click on the Online Nomination option and then you will get the CIF No of your account. show will be done.

Method 4: How to find CIF Number through SBI Customer Care Number?

To find the CIF number of your SBI account, you can call the customer care number of SBI and tell them your bank account details and ask for your CIF No. The toll-free number of SBI customer care is 1800 425 3800.

Note – Do not share any of your banking information in the comments below.

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