How to make PAN card online from mobile in two minutes


Here we will know that How to make pan card online in two minutes from mobile, because the income tax department has made the process of making Pan Card very easy.

Now we will apply for PAN card from our mobile in just 2 minutes process, our PAN card is created on applying and at the same time we will be able to download a soft copy of PAN card in our mobile phone itself.

Then we can give that soft copy to government work anywhere, because there will be a QR code on that soft copy which the government will scan and verify your PAN card.

How to make PAN card

Earlier, we had to go to PAN card center or cyber cafe somewhere for PAN card. After 20 to 25 days of applying, our PAN card used to be made from Pune and at times it was not available.

Or even if we applied online, it used to take the same amount of time to become a PAN card, but now the Income Tax Department has made it so easy that in just 2 minutes you can make a PAN card from a mobile phone and download the soft copy can do.

To make and download PAN card online, your Aadhar card should have a mobile number registered and should be present with you.

How to make pan card

To apply for PAN card from your mobile or computer, first visit the official site of income tax department by clicking on it.

Now here you will get two options, one Get New Pan and the other check status / download pan, so we have to click on Get new pan to get a new PAN card.

A second page will open as soon as you click on Get new pan. Now here as shown in the picture below, at the top you have your Aadhaar card number and captcha code below it and a small box below it and it is written in front of it. Click on that box to confirm that, then tick the mark. is.

After ticking, the bottom is to click on Generate Aadhar OTP.

A new page will open as soon as you click on Generate Aadhar OTP. Here, there will be an OTP on the mobile number registered in your Aadhaar, after inserting that OTP, click below validate Aadhar OTP and continue.

After clicking on above Validate Aadhar OTP and continue will go to a new one which will appear as per the picture given below. It is written in the bottom side here. Mark the tick. And below that click on submit submit request.

On clicking on the Submit Pan request, you will come to another page and your request for making a PAN card is submitted and you get an acknowledgment number.

How to download pan card

By clicking above the Submit Pan request, as soon as you submit the request for making your PAN card, similarly your PAN card is ready to be a soft copy.

Now to download your PAN card, the way you went to the income tax department’s site by clicking on the link given above, and started the process of creating a PAN card by clicking on get new pan. By not clicking get new pan, you will get another option next to the same check status / download pan.

How to check PAN card

You have to click on this option check status / download pan to download your PAN card.

A new page will appear in front of you, here you have to enter your Aadhaar number, below that you have to enter the captcha code and click on submit at the bottom.

On clicking on submit, you will again come to another page, here you will have an OTP above the register mobile number in your Aadhaar to be resubmitted after inserting it.

After clicking submit again, you will come to a new page again and it will be written here Pan allotment successful means that your PAN card has been created, now you have to click on the download pan below.

On clicking the download pan, a soft copy of the pen card will be downloaded to your mobile or computer. When you open it, you will be asked for a password.

And that password will be your date of birth. For example, your date of birth is 01/01/1990, then type your full date of birth as a password.

By typing date of birth as a password, clicking on the submit below, a soft copy of your PAN card will appear in front of you, you can print this PAN card and give it to government or private work anywhere.

There is a quar code on the soft copy of this pen card, which is scanned and verified by the government or you can download any of the ascanners in your mobile and scan the quar coad above this pen card and check the details. Along with pan card kaise banaye, there are some precautions mentioned below.

Things to keep in mind when making a PAN card

While creating or creating a new PAN card, always keep in mind that before this, you did not have to make any PAN card, or if you did not fill the form in the center or cyber café to make it.

Because a man has the right to have only one PAN card. If you make two PAN cards by mistake too, then a penalty of ₹ 10000 will be imposed on you under section 272P.

Maybe you have applied for your PAN card at the PAN card center or cyber café, you may have even received a PAN card but it has gone back when you are not present.

So in such a situation, first of all, find the slip received by the application made at that time and call the PAN card center and talk about whether your PAN card was issued?

If a pen card has already been issued in your name, then you can ask for a duplicate copy of the same PAN card.

So we learned online Pan Card Kaise Banaye here and also learned that Pan Card Download Kaise Kare, as well as Pan Card Kaise Check Kare Hope this information has proved to be of your use.

If you want to link PAN card to Aadhaar card, then watch the video given below, step by step information is given in this video.

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