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Meditation or meditation is the best way for health of body and mind. All the famous and great personalities of the world have accepted their benefits and importance by following them in ancient and modern times. Nowadays there are many centers for teaching meditation, there are institutions that teach meditation in many different ways.

You start with meditation for 5-15 minutes daily, with regular practice, you will start feeling the benefits of meditation within 1-2 months.

  • By meditation, the restlessness, instability of the mind and body stops.

Meditation removes nervousness or nervousness.

It becomes possible to follow rules and discipline in life.

Meditation develops mental powers.

  • Meditation increases creativity.

No problem or stress dominates you.

By removing anger, irritability, the nervous system (nervous system) remains calm.

  • Meditation improves health, heart rate remains normal. Blood pressure remains under control.
  • There is a mind in studying carefully. Increases the capacity for physical and mental labor.

How to do meditation yoga, method of meditation, method | Dhyan kaise lagaye in hindi
There are some basic similarities among all the methods of meditation which point out that the root of all actions is the same. So all actions are good. All methods benefit from regular meditation. Now we will tell how to meditate and the benefits of meditation.

1) Follow a simple lifestyle. Follow simple Lifestyle

Eating simple-satvik food, keeping the body clean, keeping positive thoughts and following good qualities gives an experience of peace and relaxation in the mind. All this creates the right mental state for meditation. All meditation practices acknowledge their importance.

2) Right time to meditate. Best time for meditation

The time between 3 am to 6-7 pm and the time after 10 pm is considered best for meditation. At this time there is peace in the environment, there is less disturbance. According to meditation methods, this time is best for the development of mental powers.

3) Where to meditate and what should be the posture of meditation. Best Asana & place for meditation

The place to meditate can be your place of worship, a quiet room or a secluded open space. Meditating at the same place everyday is considered good for progress in meditation.

Sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana by laying a blanket or a woolen seat on the ground and crossing your legs. Mat, cushion seat, cotton pad (cushion) can also be used. If you have trouble sitting on the ground, you can also sit on a chair.

Keep in mind that the back of the chair is straight, so that your backbone remains straight and your feet feel flat on the ground. There should be a mat or thick cloth under the foot so that the foot does not have direct contact with the ground.

4) Posture of the body. Sit straight in meditation

Eyes closed or half open. The back should be straight, the backbone should be in a straight line. Sit comfortably.

Do not sit stoutly or in such a position that causes pain or problem, otherwise your mind will not be able to meditate. Place your hands on your thighs or knees. The hands should be open upwards.

5) Take deep breaths or do Pranayama. Do deep breathing or Pranayama

Doing pranayama at the beginning of meditation or taking long breaths slowly and slowly exhaling for a while increases the amount of oxygen in the mind and body. Due to this the mind becomes active and it is possible to control the thoughts.

In anger, in enthusiasm, the breathing becomes very fast, and in sadness and despair, the breath becomes slow. The movement of breath has an effect on thoughts and abnormal breathing leads to mental unsuitability.

Therefore pranayama or deep and long breathing brings peace to the mind and thoughts, which helps to concentrate the mind.

6) To experience oneself as a part of the Supreme Father or Param Shakti. Becoming one with God

This world is the manifestation of different forms of energy. In this universe there is existence of an ultimate energy or power which is regularly running us, all living beings and this world.

We are also a part of the same infinite energy source and are connected to it. By considering ourselves as a part of that supreme source, we realize our limitless potential and possibilities.

While starting meditation, it is prayed to the Supreme Father/Paramshakti that if our meditation is successful, we may experience our divine real nature.

7) How to control thoughts. Give direction to your thoughts

Often a chain of thoughts keeps running in the mind. One thought gives rise to the next and our mind is busy with this. It is said in meditation techniques that stop the movement of thoughts, try to be free from thoughts.

For this, when thoughts come in your mind, let them come and go, do not get lost or entangled in them. Just watch the flow of thoughts like a spectator. Do not give speed to an idea by holding it.

Due to this gradually the speed of thought will slow down and fewer thoughts will come. How long will it take for the mind to become completely free from thoughts? It depends on your will and the seriousness of the effort.

This is the way to go deep into meditation. So keep trying with patience, perseverance and positive thinking.

8) Concentrate on one point. Focus mind on one point

In meditation, the mind has to be fixed on a point or a thought by removing it from the thoughts.

In almost all the methods it is said that try to close the eyes and try to look at the mid point of the eyebrows and focus the mind. You do not have to put a lot of emphasis in this that there will be pain in the eyes or head. You just have to keep your eyes comfortably on closed eyes.

In some methods, the mind is asked to focus on the inhalation and exhalation, or to meditate on the small interval between inhalation and exhalation.

9) Whom to meditate on. Chant Mantra or affirmations

In meditation methods it is said that in order to stabilize the mind engaged in continuous thinking at one point, think about the image, form, feeling, qualities of any God you worship or meditate on your guru. .

Chant any mantra, remember any guru, saint, great man, positive power. Pray to them in your heart.

Chant short mantras like Om, Sohm or Soham, Aham Brahmasmi, Om Namah Shivaya or repeat a positive thought and feel like I am fearless, I am healthy, I am part of the Supreme Shakti etc. These actions make it easier to concentrate the mind.

10) Meditate regularly. Meditate daily

Just like we eat, sleep, follow the routine daily, in the same way meditation should also be regular. Only then will you be able to feel the benefits of meditating.

Daily meditation brings a balance in our thoughts, deeds and feelings, which brings success and happiness in life. By meditating daily, it becomes possible to descend into the depths of meditation.

11) Information about learning courses and meditation centers

There is no need of any guru or teacher to meditate in the beginning. You can start yourself.

If even after sitting in meditation for 1-2 months daily, you face any problem or do not get peace, then you can join any guru, meditation center or meditation course. The major meditation centers in India for learning meditation are as follows.

Yogda Satsang Society
Art of living
Isha Foundation
Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram
Maa Amritanandamayi Ashram
Parmarth Niketan Ashram
Brahma Kumari Ashram
Vipassana Meditation Center

There are many other benefits of meditating that are experienced over time if you continue to meditate. In today’s time doing meditation yoga is a necessity for our mental balance.

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