Which country is the owner of Instagram?

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इंस्टाग्राम का मालिक कौन सा देश है?

In this post, we will know who owns Instagram, which country Instagram is a company from. As we all know, Insta is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world today. There is hardly any internet user who will not be aware of this app.

In this post we will also tell you the unheard story of who made Instagram. Before this, let us tell you that this app has many such features. Which attracts the users, this is the reason that Instagram has become popular worldwide in a very short time.

Today, from common man to big celebrities also use Instagram. Tell that the number of followers of a big celebrity in Instagram is in crores, in this case you can guess how many users will be there in the world.

Where to talk about Android’s Playstore, this platform has more than 1 billion installs in it. Apart from this, Apple’s App Store also has its million downloads. This shows that the number of Instagram fans worldwide has reached crores.

Who is Instagram owner | इंस्टाग्राम मालिक कौन है

Whenever something is invented, it must have some owner. Instagram is a social media site and app whose owner has now changed. Meaning this app was created by someone else but a social media company has bought it. In this way, now that someone else has become its owner, then let us know who it is.

Let me tell you that this social messaging app Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and his colleague Mike Krieger. Which was launched on 6 October 2010. But due to its increasing popularity, two years later, in 2012, the Facebook company bought it from its developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for a deal of $ 100 million.

At that time this deal was named Big Deal. Tell me it was the biggest deal in the world of Internet at that time. The owner of the Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, after this deal, the owner of instagram has also become Mark Zuckerberg.

What country is Instagram company | इंस्टाग्राम कंपनी किस देश की है

Instagram founder and CEO Kevin Systrom was born on December 30, 1983 in Holliston, Massachusetts, United States. Thus Kevin Systrom is an American citizen and Mark Zuckerberg, who bought his app Instagram, is also from the US. In such a situation, Instagram is a US country company.

Who created Instagram | Instagram किसने बनाया है

As we all know that Instagram is quite a popular name in the Internet world but very few people know that Kevin Systrom, the creator of it, had previously named it Burban. Kevin Systrom worked in the marketing department of the American company Nextstop after completing his education.

Please tell that Kevin Systrom did not have a professional degree. Nor did he know much about computer applications. But the diligence of learning has brought them to the list of the world’s rich and well-known people. So now you must have known that who owns Instagram, it is a company of which country. Please tell that its founder is still working for Instagram.

The main focus of this app has been to share photos on the Internet. When it was created, the need for a photo sharing device increased rapidly. And in view of this need, the idea of ​​Insta’s founder to create photo sharing programs through the Internet came to mind and this idea is a well-known name in the world.

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