What is Mineral Water | मिनरल वाटर क्या है

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Do you know what is Mineral Water? What is Mineral Water? Today we will tell you about this. Whenever it comes to mineral water, the first thing that comes to mind is that this water will be packed. But not every water packed in a bottle is mineral water. You will find out in this post why we are saying this. The water that comes packaged in a bottle is of two types, first is Mineral Water while the second is Normal water which is known as Packaged Drinking Water.

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Most of the water bottle available in the market is of packaged drinking water. In which there are bottles of Bisleri, Kinley and Aquafina etc. brands. On the other hand, when talking about the brand providing mineral water, their names are as follows. Himalayan, Bisleri Vedika, Aquafina, Catch and Qua etc. Some of these brands such as Parivartan Mineral Water Bisleri and Aquafina offer both mineral water and packaged drinking water.

Mineral Water | शुद्ध पानी

Mineral water, as its name suggests, will be water rich in mineral elements. It is water that is taken from natural sources. Many types of mineral elements are found in such water. Let me tell you that Mineral Water is obtained from any natural spring or similar sources. Sulfur and other salts are present in this water. There is a great difference between mineral water and tap water.

Apart from this, its taste is also slightly better than normal water. Although this water is slightly more expensive than normal water, but it is considered good for health. As far as packaged drinking water is concerned, it is ordinary water from the tap. Which is filtered out of the filter and cleaned by some chemical processes such as reverse osmosis and packed into bottles. After this, this water is put on the market for sale.

Now you must be thinking that if the water that comes in your house also comes from the ground, then will it also be Mineral Water. So tell you that the water coming into your house may or may not be mineral water because the water in each place is different. With this, its taste also changes as the place changes.

Most mineral water is obtained from springs and lakes. Here a question arises how to identify which water is available in the market is Mineral Water and which water is packaged drinking water. So tell you that an institution in India is BIS. Whose form is the Bureau of Indian Standards.

This institution sets different standards on food items like water. According to the standard of this organization, if a water bottle has the mark of IS: 14543, it will be packaged drinking water.

If a bottle has a mark of IS: 13428, it will be mineral water. So now you know what mineral water is, what is mineral water and how you can identify it. With this you will know what is the difference between Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water. Hopefully this post will be useful for you. If you like this information, then share it on social media.

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