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Here we will activate UAN activation i.e. your UAN no, if you are doing a job somewhere and your PF is getting cut, then you are given a UAN No from the company.

Which is in your Payment Slip. You have to activate that UAN No. And this is called uan activation

After activating, your UAN account registers its password on mobile no.

Then you can login to your UAN Account on the portal of epfo with the help of UAN No and Password.

There you are able to check your account information like how much your PF is cut for how many months.

Or you can also complete KYC by submitting Aadhar card, pen card, bank account details in your UAN account. To perform UAN ACTIVAT from mobile you have to visit the member portal of epfo.
In this page, you will see an option at the bottom, to click on Activate Uan, Activate Uan.

On clicking, a new page will open and a small form will appear here.

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Uan Activation Error

In this form, you have to put four information at the top, Uan No followed by the name, then the date of birth and then the mobile number.

After entering these four information, you have to enter captcha code and then click on Get Authorization pin. UAN ACTIVATION

On clicking, another new page will open and an OTP will come on the mobile number you gave in the previous page, after inserting that OTP, you will enter the captcha code and then click on top of the velidate pin.

Your Uan No will be activated as soon as you click.

Within 24 to 48 hours of being activated, your Uan password will come on the mobile no you gave.

Keep in mind that you have to change the password in the message.

To change, one has to go to memberportal of EPFO.

The page you went to do UAN ACTIVATION.

On the same page, the option to login to the Uan account will be found at the top. There you will enter your Uan no, then you will enter the password that came in the message and after entering the captcha code, click on login then you will be logged into your Uan account.

If you are processing this in the computer, then an option will appear on the top, “Account”

And if you are processing this in mobile, then by clicking on the triple dot in the top right side, you will convert your mobile to desctop side, then the option of Account will also appear in your mobile on the top side as it appears in the computer. .

If you click on the account option, you will get the option of change password, clicking on the change password, you will enter the password entered in your message. Then we will create a new password, after putting it down twice, click on the change password, then your password will be changed.

If you want to watch a video on this subject, then watch the video given below, in this video, the entire process is described step by step.

How to Activate UAN | 3 Easy Ways

Last Updated on December 8th, 2019 by Bhupendra Singh

In this post we will know in detail the process of UAN Activation or Registration.

Before knowing the process of UAN Activation, we need to know all the information about EPF and UAN.

So let’s first understand EPF and UAN.

What is EPF?

The EPF (Employees Provident Fund) scheme was launched by the government in October 2018 to protect some part of the monthly income of the people for the future.

Nowadays, it is applicable in the whole of India and almost all the people working in all the small big Compnies, Schools, Hospitals etc. are depositing the Employees Provident Fund.

You do not need to go to the EPF office to submit EPF. The HR Department looks after this work in your companies and it is their responsibility to open your EPF account and provide you with a UAN and password.

Every month under EPF service, part of EPF is deducted from your salary and deposited by HR department in your EPF account. There is no need to deposit this money to be told separately for this.

The best thing in the EPF scheme is that as much money is deposited in the EPF account from the salary of the employees, the same amount of money is put into the EPF account of the employees by the employer and the government.

Now that you have understood the EPF scheme, let’s understand about UAN.

What is UAN?

All accounts of the EPF scheme require an account. In which the employees’ money will be deposited and the employees can check how much money they have.

All the work related to EPF can be done by this name, so an account has been created which is named (UAN) Universal Account Number.

In simple language, UAN (Universal Account Number) is the account number of your EPF (Employee’s Provident Fund).

Through UAN, individuals can know the amount of their EPF and can also send the EPF amount to their bank account.

The UAN of all people will be different, it is only through UAN that you can do all the functions of EPF.

Why is UAN Activation required?

When you start working in any company or organization, then the HR department of the company or organization looks after the entire work of your EPF.

The HR department itself opens your account on the portal of EFPO and provides you the UAN number, pasowrd, through which you can make all the EPF activities online.

After getting the UAN number and password, UAN has to be activated, after which you can check your EPF balance through UAN, can withdraw money from EPF online and can do all other work related to EPF.

What are the requirements for UAN Activation Or Registration.

For UAN Activation you need the following things.

Registered Mobile Number: The mobile number that you gave at the time of EPFO ​​registration in HR department should be activated with you because while doing any work, OTP will come on that number, which you will have to enter on EPFO ​​website.

If the number you gave at the time of registration of EPFO ​​is banded, then you will have to turn it on, then register another number from HR department or EPF office.

UAN: It is very important to have a UAN nearby, through which you can make UAN ACTIVE.

If you do not have a UAN NUMBER, you can take a UAN number from your HR Departmemt.

You can also get UAN or EPF ID on your Salary slip and if you do not get the UAN number from your HR department nor do you get salary slip then you can search UAN online by PAN Number and Aadhar Number.

UAN Activation Or Registration Process

The process of UAN Activation is very easy, for this you must have the above things.

There are three easy methods of UAN Activation which are not explained below one by one.

You can do UAN Activate using the method which you find easy.

Process of Online UAN Activation

To activate online UAN, you have to follow the following steps.

Step # 1: First of all go to the UAN portal of EPFO. Click here to go to the UAN portal of EPFO.

Step # 2: After clicking on Activate UAN, you will be redirected to the new page, where a form will open, information has to be filled in it.

Such as: UAN, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, E-mail Id etc.

If you do not have a UAN, you can also use a PAN number or aadhar number.

Use only the registered mobile number in the mobile number box and it should be activated with you.

After filling the information correctly – Click on Get Authorization Pin below.

Step # 3: Clicking on Get Authorization Pin will redirect you to the new page. Where you have to fill the OTP on mobile by accepting the terms and conditions of EPFO.

The message that will come on mobile will have an OTP code of four digits in it. As you can see in the screenshot below.

This OTP has to be filled in the Otp box and click on Validate OTP and Activate UAN.

On the next page you will see that your UAN is activated or your UAN is already ACTIVATE.

In both cases your UAN has been activated and you can avail all services of EPFO ​​through your UAN.

Like – You can check the balance of EPF account and remove online PF etc.

Let us now know the UAN Activation process in another way.

UAN Activation Process -via SMS

You can complete your UAN activation with just one message from your mobile. For this, all you have to do is send the below given msg to 7738299899 from your registered mobile.

Message – EPFOHO ACT, << 12 digit UAN number >>, << 22 digit MemberID >>

Example – If UAN – 123456781234 and member ID – XXXYYY3211234567 are to be activated by UAN then the message will be in the formate below.

EPFOHO ACT, 123456781234, XXXYYY3211234567

Note – There should be no space before and after comma in the message.

After sending the message you will get UAN Activation and you can easily do all the EPFO ​​work through UAN like PF balance check etc. But you can check EPF Balance only after 4 hours of doing UAN Activation.

Hope this post of HTIPS how to do UAN Activate, after getting information, you will be able to do UAN Activation.

If there is any type of question related to the post, then you can ask in the comments.

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