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Mishri Ke Fayde: The unrefined shape of sugar is called mishri. Its sweetness is slightly less than that of sugar. Usually it is made from the juice of dates and sugarcane. Its identification and production started in India itself. Now it is slowly being used all over the world. It has large pieces in shape and is called rock sugar in English. In our today’s article, know the benefits and disadvantages of eating sugar candy. How is sugar candy made?

Benefits of eating sugar candy – Mishri Ke Fayde

Benefits of sugar candy for energy: Along with increasing energy in the body, sugar candy helps in increasing the taste. If sugar candy is consumed with fennel, then the benefit becomes double.

Control the amount of hemoglobin: Sugar candy is beneficial for those who lack hemoglobin in the body. Its consumption can get rid of this problem. Regular consumption of sugar candy does not reduce hemoglobin in the body and blood pressure also remains under control.

Nose bleeding problem: Some people have nose bleeding problem in summer. This problem can be got rid of by the consumption of sugar candy.

Benefits of fennel and sugar candy: If your digestive power is weak, then definitely consume sugar candy. Chewing fennel with sugar candy improves digestion power. Mishri has the property of increasing digestion power. Due to which the food gets digested quickly. After eating food and eat fennel apple.

Benefits of eating sugar candy in cold and cough: For those who are suffering from cold and cough, sugar candy is beneficial. This is a common thing in winter. To avoid this, make a paste by mixing the powder of black pepper and sugar candy with native ghee and consume it at bedtime. Apart from this, taking the powder of black pepper and sugar candy with lukewarm water provides relief in cough.

How is sugar candy made? How to make Mishri (Mishri kaise banti hai)

Sugarcane is used only for its preparation. It is made from sugarcane juice by various processes, it is more pure than sugar. No chemical is used to make sugar candy. Mishri is a different form of sugar. The juice is extracted by first squeezing sugarcane and a thick batter is prepared. After the solution is prepared, a thread is dipped in this thick solution and the thread is hung, which after drying takes the shape of sugar candy.

Mishri and Sugar Difference

Mishri and sugar are made by almost the same process but there is a difference in taste and purity. The sugar is small in comparison to the size of the sugar candy (Mishri Ke Fayde).

Chemicals are not always needed to prepare it, it is made naturally. The process of making sugar is a little different.

First the selected sugarcane is deposited in the factory.

After this the sugarcane juice is extracted by machines.

Machine-extracted sugarcane juice is made into a thick slurry by different processes.

Now this thick solution is made with the help of chemical, small white crystals are made, these crystals are sugar.

types of sugar candy

There are usually two types of sugar candy, one is the common sugar candy found in the markets, which is used in home remedies, sweeteners or worship lessons. The second is Taal Mishri, it is not only tasty to eat, but it also has many medicinal properties. It is slightly different from the common sugar candy found in the markets and its color is also slightly yellow. Taal mishri is also a bit costlier than Safed mishri, and is mostly used in Ayurvedic pressing and home remedies.

Benefits of Taal Mishri | Qualities of Tal Mishri – Tal Mishri ke interactions

Taal mishri is usually made from the juice of palm or date palm, hence it is called tal or palm mishri. No chemicals are used to make it. Palm is a tree like a coconut tree, it does not have any branches or branches, its juice is extracted from the trunk of this tree, due to which Tal sugar is made. Its medicinal properties are many.

Tal Mishri is a good source of calcium, iron, vitamins, vitamin B12. Apart from this, the amount of antioxidants is found in abundance in it.

Its regular apple keeps away cold and cough, you can also use it to increase immunity.

How is palm sugar candy made? (How Tal Mishri is made)

The process of making it is almost the same as that of common sugar candy. Pure palm juice is extracted and boiled first, after preparing its thick solution, it is poured into different molds to cool down.

Benefits of eating cardamom and sugar candy (Mishri Ke Fayde)

Cardamom and sugar candy apples are an effective remedy to get rid of the problem of ulcers in the mouth. Make a paste by mixing equal quantity of cardamom and sugar candy powder and apply it on the affected area. Trying this process for a few days can get rid of the problem of moo blisters.

when to eat sugar candy

After eating its apple food (Mishri Ke Fayde), it can be taken with fennel along with hot milk at bedtime. Its apple is considered the best time only after eating it. You can also use sugar candy to increase the sweetness in any food. But its excessive consumption can also be harmful. Sugar candy should not be consumed more than 8-10 grams in a day, it can have a bad effect on your health.

Disadvantages of Eating Mishri – Side Effects of Mishri

Sugar candy apple is not very harmful if it is used in right quantity. Next we have learned that the benefits of eating sugar candy (Mishri Ke Fayde) have been done, let us now know that it has been harmed.

Sugar candy is used to avoid cold and cold, but the effect of sugar candy is cold, its excessive consumption can aggravate cold and cold.

Excessive consumption of sugar candy can cause gastrointestinal problems.

If you are suffering from any disease and are suppressing, then definitely consult a doctor before using it.


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