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Pollution Essay in Hindi means in this article an essay on pollution problem has been given for you to read, by making a tip and without a tip.

Pollution Problem (Essay 1)

Man is the best creation of nature. As long as he does not interfere in the work of nature, then his life goes on smoothly and naturally. Due to the progress of science, man’s interest in industrial development has increased so much that he has not been able to end his harmony with nature. Scientists believe that there is no dirt in nature. His changed form does not harm the world in any way.

Cause of pollution

In today’s industrial age, the number of plants, motor vehicles, railways and factories has increased immensely. The more the industries grow, the more heat they spread. A large amount of carbon monoxide is released from the smoke, which is harmful to health. It has been estimated that the amount of oxygen a motor vehicle uses in a journey of 960 kilometers is required by a person for one year. Airplanes. Oil refining, ceramic mill, leather, paper, rubber factory etc. require fuel. The smoke produced by burning of this fuel spreads pollution. This pollution does not remain constant in one place, but it affects the whole world at a rapid pace due to the flow of air. Densely populated areas are more affected by it. Pollution in the air spreads and there is a shortage of oxygen.

Reason for increase of pollution

Tokyo is the most polluted city worldwide. Here, oxygen cylinders are kept in place for the police so that they can use them when needed. In the event of smoke and fog, a bandage is required to filter the air. Even then, there is an excess of diseases of the eyes, nose and throat. In London, a policeman with four hours of traffic gets so much poison in his lungs as if he smoked 105 cigarettes.

The problem of mass growth is also working behind the problem of pollution. Due to this increase, people are feeling the need to expand to villages, cities and metros. As a result, forests are being cut and settled there. Lack of trees and vegetation has created an imbalance in the natural action of nature. The useful material that nature collects is being ignored. The healthy environment of nature has become defective. This is called the problem of environment or pollution. Due to excess of factories, the environment is getting contaminated. The noise of vehicles and machines spreads noise pollution, which causes the fear of deaf ears. Man is becoming a victim of many types of physical and mental diseases.

Control Required

As long as humans align with nature. Till then, its industrial progress is in vain. There is a need to keep this progress under control. The machine should not rule over us but we should rule the machine. We should be dissuaded from such industrial development, which will hamper our easy life. We should not be deprived of the benefits of forests, mountains, reservoirs and rivers. Along with the towns, the villages also remained prosperous because in many things the cities depend on the villages. Along with urban culture, rural culture also continued to develop.


In order to avoid the problem of pollution, it is necessary that factories producing toxic gas, chemicals and sewage should be set up in open places far away from the places of residence so that the townspeople continue to receive natural supplements (oxygen, oxygen). Also, drains draining out of the sewage of the cities should be pressed under the ground so that they do not pollute the atmosphere. Realizing the importance of forest festival, Bara-gardens should be developed. Plant trees on the edges of roads. The significance of industrial progress and progress is that humans should remain happy, healthy and prosperous. For this, it is necessary that nature should be given maximum opportunity to do its work spontaneously.

Problem of pollution (Essay 2)

Today’s era is the era of science. While science has collected the means of amenities for humans and has solved many problems, on the other hand such problems have arisen by his inventions that those boons have become a curse for us. There are many problems in today’s era. The problem of pollution is one of those problems. Pollution is becoming increasingly common day by day. Pollution means defected. It is known from the name that the disorder or defect that has arisen gets polluted.

Today due to various inventions of science, the atmosphere of our entire earth has become polluted. Human beings have misused all resources to fulfill their selfishness. The result of this is in front of us in the form of pollution. This pollution has disturbed the natural balance of the atmosphere. There are many types of pollution – water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, noise pollution. Today’s civilization can be called urban civilization. The population of some of the major metros in India has crossed the 1 crore mark.

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Due to this, cities have become degraded. In metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, every kind of pollution has spread. Millions of people live in slums where there is no provision of even sun, water and air. How much pollution do vehicles inflict on the roads in lakhs. In the evolution of trees, this smoke enters the human lungs, due to which many types of diseases arise. The sources of the journals in the cities were sunken. What to say about noise pollution? Due to this, life is stressed. The best way to prevent pollution is to control the population.

The government should also extend the facilities of the cities to the villages so that the blind race of urbanization is stopped. Greenery should be promoted as much as possible. Trees should be planted everywhere. Arrangements should be made to process the polluted water and waste of the factories that increase pollution. All the rivers, canals, land are getting contaminated due to water pollution. As a result we get polluted crops, dirty water. Nowadays due to collective noise of vehicles, factories and machines, diseases such as blood pressure, mental stress, deafness etc. are increasing.

While the population increases, the number of industries is also increasing. Poisonous substances, chemicals, etc., are released from these industries in the rivers and streams which give rise to diseases caused by polluted water in their vicinity. The water of rivers flowing through cities and metros has become polluted, due to which the animals consuming that water suffer from many fatal diseases. When pesticides are used more for higher yields, they have a fatal effect on health.

The production of nuclear power has given rise to pollution of air, water and noise. Land pollution is caused by garbage lying on the ground. Land pollution also occurs due to slums in metros. Deforestation is also the main cause of air pollution to solve the housing problem. Water pollution causes stomach and intestinal diseases like cholera, jaundice etc. There is a possibility of mental stress, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. due to noise pollution. Cancer, allergies and skin diseases are also increasing due to pollution. The problem of pollution is not only in India, it is present all over the world.

Plantation is the best way to prevent this. Trees give us oxygen. Indiscriminate felling of forests should be banned. To prevent pollution of vehicles, CNG for them. Use of should be made mandatory. Factories should be kept away from the city to prevent pollution by industrial units. Land pollution can be prevented by the use of natural compost. For this, all citizens will have to work in unison.

Short essay on pollution – essay on pollution (essay 3)

Pollution is a threat to society or life.All kinds of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, noise pollution, food pollution are affecting many people.

The sources or origin of the pollution are described in brief:

Air pollution:

Air is one of the most important elements of our environment for our survival. It is a natural gift and a free asset. It is polluted in many ways. Land vehicles use oil and fuel that create smoke. Smoke gets mixed with air and thus pollutes the air. Mills, factories and industries are also blamed for air pollution because they smoke. Polluted air contains CO 2, CO, NO 2, SMP, SO 2 and lead oxides. Gases and chemical pollution The excessive growth of air is in most cases causing people to inhale and inhale polluted air.

Water Pollution:

Water is one of the living elements for living beings. In most cases the water is polluted by the waste of mills, factories and industries. For some time, farmers used excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Alcohol from this polluted water is harmful to life and health.

Food pollution:

Most of the food and snacks ready for sale on the sidewalk are open on the side of the road and dirty, they are cooked with polluted air. People eat and taste food due to their habit and greed. These unhealthy substances are also harmful to our health.

Noise pollution:

Noise pollution is very common for everyone. The noise of vehicles, mills, factories, industries is really boring and unbearable. It is also a dull cause of hearing, headaches, mental anguish, stress, mental imbalance and migraine.

To fight these pollution, we must ensure certain steps. We must stop polluting the air with smoke. For this, we have to reduce the amount of petrol powered cars and vehicles on the road. If possible, we should avoid lead oxide. We should cut down more and more trees. We should cultivate fresh vegetables so that we can reduce food pollution. We should not listen to songs with a loud voice on the sound box. We should also close mill, factory or industry owners for these construction in the city. These should be made in a planned manner.

To that end, the Environmental Protection Act should be passed and implemented to make the environment free from pollution. People should be aware of the bad effects of air pollution. Thus, we can protect our nature.

Essay on pollution problem (Essay 4)

As the world becomes more and more civilized, the world becomes more and more polluted. It can be strange to live in our planet at the rate of increasing pollution

The number of vehicles plying on the road, such as all types of vehicles – auto rickshaws, cars, lorries, vans and motorbikes, are MAs due to air pollution in towns and cities. The winch of the villages is less vulnerable than the city is lucky to avoid pollution of poisonous gases.

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Everyone wants to buy a car because car loans are easily available to people with fixed income. Tourism cars are running in large numbers these days. The number of road vehicles has increased many times and sometimes many times the traffic The bottle has a neck. Toxic gas dangerous to health from them is dangerous. Nowadays gas emissions testing is done for every car so that the emission of gas by vehicles is limited. Despite this measure to control gas emissions, the danger of pollution of the nuclear sector by the toxic gas of high speed vehicles on the road has not been completely eliminated. There are many other reasons for pollution of the atmosphere.

One of the pollution in our environment occurs in many ways, the rivers are polluted by the deportation of factories of their banks. Highly toxic mass and drainage water mix with rivers and pollute them. The Ganges, considered very sacred, is highly polluted. Burned carcasses are mixed with it at several locations for inlet and drainage.

Calvary and Kampala rivers in Karnataka contain metal chemicals and those who develop skin diseases. If drinking water is polluted by toxic wastes then it is extremely dangerous for health. Sometimes drainage water is mixed with drinking water and this causes great harm to people.

Emissions of various types of gases into the air by chemical factories are another type of pollution. The gases mix with the air and when people living near factories inhale them they develop chest disease. Textile mills, chemical factories and various types of vehicles have emitted sculptural air fumes and some acid. Fossil-fuel based industries contaminate the environment. Environmentalists say that the air of cities is highly polluted.

Loud sounds pollute the air and affect our ear drums. Noise is also a type of air pollution caused by blaring television sets, radios, airplanes, and helicopters.

The increase of carbon dioxide in the air is the result of thoughtless felling of trees. It has been estimated by scientists that in the future the world temperature will increase by at least five degrees centigrade. The forest cover plays a major role in producing rain. Due to the increase of gaseous compounds such as hydrogen, chloride and fluoride, the ozone layer in the atmosphere decreases. The world will become hotter and hotter as a result of the depletion of the ozone layer.

Essay on Environmental Pollution (Essay 5)

This imbalance has not only deteriorated the quality of our lives but has also threatened the existence of all lives. If this imbalance increases beyond a certain range, it may prove fatal. The ever-increasing pollution is a matter of global concern, as it is not limited to a particular country, region or land. It is a threat to the whole world and they should unite.

The problem of pollution is more acute in our mess towns and cities. Sometimes increasing consumerism has worsened the problem. The biosphere and ecosystem of cities and towns is rapidly losing the power to maintain its self-power. The rapid industrialization of cities has made them virtually unfit for life. They are full of smoke, harmful fumes, dirt, dust, garbage, corrosive gases, dirty odors and deafening noises.

Burning various fuels in factories and mills causes large amounts of sculpture-dioxide to cause serious pollution in the air. For example, in Delhi, a large part of the population suffers from respiratory and related disorders. In other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, the situation is no better. The situation has increased manifold due to thousands of smoking vehicles and unbearable noise in Delhi. Delhi is a symbol of increasing urban pollution and chaos in the country. The same fate awaits other cities of the country.

Since most of our cities are on the banks of rivers or shores, our rivers and seas have also become smelly and polluted and fish and other living organisms are found to rot on the coast. The atmosphere in cities is saturated with pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sculpture and oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons, pesticides, fly-ash, dried and sometimes, radioactive substances. The air is tickled with foul odors and toxic fumes.

They have found their way into our food items. Toxic chemicals, industrial wastes discharged from mills and factories into rivers and seas have proved fatal to marine life. Garbage heaps, growing in ugly mounds in cities, tells a story of our blind, foolish and unilateral urban growth and development. Our villages, too, are not free from this ecological degradation. They have lost a lot of their forests and pastures. Lack of natural resources and ecological imbalances will fall under their own weight of our city paradoxes.

Clearly, pollution has crossed all satisfactory limits and if no effective measures are taken soon, the results may prove to be catastrophic. Washing vehicles plying on city roads should not be allowed. Environmentally friendly vehicles should be strictly prohibited and constantly checked for pollution, and those violating the rules should be fined and punished adequately. They should be forced to follow some of the lowest minimum standards of emissions.

Noise is one of the great pollutants, normal noise levels in cities are increasing dangerously, causing many mental and physical diseases. The noise from factory vehicles, trains, public address systems, TV groups, aircraft, and sirens, etc. is indeed very high. It has been proved that noise beyond safe limits is caused by a variety of disorders, both mental and nervous. Concentration in a disturbed place is difficult, if not impossible, to do anything constructive and useful, concentration is a pre-condition. Noise also affects our rest and sleep and thus gives rise to many problems related to psychosocial behavior.

Frequent loud noises may reduce blood flow in small vessels, dilation of the pupils, muscle tension, digestive disturbances, nervousness, anxiety, and irritability. This reduces functionality The most obvious effect of noise is as a gradual loss of hearing sense. There are noise controllers but they are not helping much due to lack of public awareness. We can reduce the danger to some extent by planting more and more trees.

The presence of pollution in sources of water such as rivers, lakes, ponds and seas is another great health hazard. Water reservoirs are filled with pollutants, including toxic chemicals, industrial wastes, suspended solids, organic and inorganic substances, and bacteria. Sewerage has seriously damaged the health of our water resources. Discharge contains a variety of toxic substances, which cause outbreaks and spread of water-borne diseases and epidemics. Detergents, fertilizers, pesticides, oil spills are other major pollutants of water. Slaughter houses, dairy and poultry farms, breweries, tanneries, paper and sugar mills have caused havoc.

To prevent water pollution, sewerage and factory runoff and waste must be properly treated and cleaned before being discharged into rivers and seas. Chemical industries should not be allowed to be located on the banks of rivers and coasts. There should be strict rules regarding observation of pollution rules and regulations and the guilty should be punished severely. Gradually, people are becoming more and more aware of the increasing problem of pollution. This is reflected in the first Act passed by the Government of India in 1974 to control water pollution. Then in 1980, another act was passed to curb air pollution. And, finally, the Department of Environment was created as an independent agency in November 1980 to take care of environmental needs. But the measures so far to check environmental pollution are more or less symbolic and half-hearted.

Over 70% of all available water in our country is polluted. Like water and air, our soil is also getting polluted. It is estimated that more than 35% of our total land area suffers from environmental degradation. Deforestation and excessive use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides are the main factors of this country’s degradation. Overgrazing has worsened the problem even further. Many solid wastes, such as garbage, garbage, ash, mud, plastic materials, waste bottles, and cans, were dumped here and the atmosphere was spoiled and polluted there.

To fight this menace, vigorous efforts should be made and anti-pollution laws should be strictly practiced. This needs to be done through mass media to seek people’s participation in the movement. Pollution poses a great danger and danger for us and for generations to come. Therefore, it should fight tooth and nail. The use of solar and wind energy should be encouraged as it is clean and pollution free. Awareness about this crisis is increasing but it matches the pollution control measures of the country.

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