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Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary :: In normal life we ​​are not able to manage our time, which results in us in future. In this life we ​​have to manage everything and then only life becomes successful. If we do not manage time, then a lot of our time is wasted and the result of which we get to see in future days.

Similarly, if we do not manage money, then we may have to face many problems. In this post, you have been told in detail about money management through Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary | Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

About Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

The book Rich dad poor dad is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, in which the management of money has been explained very well and it has also been told that how rich people and poor people teach their children to manage money and manage money. Tells about what.

Every person in the world wants to be rich. They also want that they have a good car, a good house and their business runs well, earns well and eats well. But some people become rich but some people do not become rich. Maybe their dreams remain unfulfilled.

Everyone wants that they have crores of rupees. But the reason why he is not able to become rich is because he does not know how to manage money. They do not know how to manage money. That’s why men do not become rich.

Those who are rich people have good knowledge about money management. He knows how to manage money very well and he invests that money in a good place, from where he can profit. That’s why the rich get richer.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

In childhood we are told by our parents that if we study well and get good marks then we will get good job in life, from which we will be able to earn a lot of money. But there are many such people in the world who have studied a lot. He holds many degrees and is doing a good job. But his financial condition is not strong, he is short of money, he cannot get a good house, he does not even have a car.

Why does this happen and on the other hand there are people who are less educated and they do not even have a job and do not wander here and there for a job. But still he is counted among the rich people. If we go as an example, today Dhirubhai Ambani, who is counted among the biggest rich people of India, who read very little but is still a very rich man.

If we talk about education and writing, people become rich, then it is not so at all. This thinking does not make you rich at all, but we should come to financial management. How we can become rich by doing financial management, as explained in this book by Dr. Robert Kiyossi “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

Talking about Robert T. Kiyosaki, he had two fathers. One father was very rich and the other father was very poor. Now you will ask how can there be two fathers? So yes, his real father was very poor and very educated, he had many degrees. But he, who was his second father, considered his best friend’s father as his father, who is very rich and very successful in his field.

Both his fathers studied together, they also worked hard. But the rich father had left his studies in the middle, but the poor father, he continued his studies. But both of them worked hard in their respective fields to achieve their success. But the opinion of earning money between the two fathers was completely different.

Let us know in detail what was the opinion between the two fathers in terms of money.

Positive thinking

Before Robert T. Kiyosaki, the poor father used to explain to Robert that no one or anyone can buy such a thing, he does not have such ability. But another father says to him that if you cannot buy something, then find the reason why you cannot buy it? If you want to get it, how can you buy it? You find these questions.

Poor father’s thinking was negative, he used to end what Robert had said here. But what was said by the rich father was questionable. Yes, if there is an interrogative, then we are often forced to think. We have to find the reason why we can buy something, get it.

If a person thinks that he cannot buy anything, then his brain stops working. That is, negative thoughts go into his mind and he stops thinking. If we look on the other side and see how we can buy that stuff, then a question mark comes in our mind that how do we buy this stuff and we start thinking on it.

That is, it shows that we should not give negative thoughts to our mind at all. We should always give positive thoughts, so that our mind will always be active and it will become stronger continuously.

taking risks in life

Robert’s poor father used to tell Robert not to take risks in life. You should study well and do good job by bringing good marks and if it is written in your life to become rich then you will become rich otherwise not.

On the other hand, Robert’s other father says that if you want to do something in life, then you will have to take risk. You complete your studies, but along with studies, you should also come to financial management. Must know how to manage money.

Know the difference between an asset and a liability

We should take special care of property and liability in life. Because assets increase wealth and liabilities decrease money. Special attention should be paid to this.

If you want to earn more money in life and want to become very rich man then you should build your wealth. Like you should buy land, make gold and jewelery and if you do not do all this and you take loan, take car on loan, take home loan then you will never be able to become rich in life, you will remain poor.

Keep % share for yourself

Robert’s other father says that if you work then you should keep % of it for yourself, so that you can get your income and should invest it in improving yourself.

learn from mistakes

Both of Robert’s father told Robert in childhood that if you make a mistake then don’t repeat that mistake, you learn from that mistake and wish not to repeat that mistake, so that you can move forward in life. And you will be able to achieve a high position.

work for money

Robert’s first father said that we should not run after money, we should not work for money. We must work to be capable. Rather, another rich father said that we should always work for money, we should find new ways to earn money.

spot detection

Everyone wants to be rich but they look for good opportunities. But it doesn’t come by telling a good opportunity. We have to identify the good opportunities, the one who has identified the good opportunities, he has moved ahead in life. Let us understand it with an example.

A man was passing through a city. He saw a board on a house with the words “House for Sale” on it. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Because the recession was going on at that time, the house was being sold at a very low price.

He bought that house. After some time the recession ended and the price of that house increased and he sold it for double, 3 times the price and he got a lot of profit.

easy money handling

Everyone in the world saves money, it is very good to save money for everyone. But here it does not mean that the money should be kept in a cupboard or piggy bank or kept in the bank. That is, what is the meaning of Sahaj that where we have to invest money, where to spend it, so that our income remains and we keep investing money.

So we should understand where to invest money and where not to. If the investment is in a good place, then the income will also be good.


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