Small Family Happy Family Essay in English

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Family matters the most in our lives, only by being surrounded by which we grow up and we are encouraged to perform in front of the world. In this article, we have made an essay for you on the subject of happy family. (Small Family Essay in English)

Small family happy family

Role- Family is the smallest but important unit of the society. The parents and their children join together to form a family. When a family gets a good house to live in, clothes to wear and bread to eat. If proper resources are available for the education of children, then we call such a family a happy family. Anyway, whoever has the bread cloth and the house, is considered happy.

Children are children of God: – Earlier there was a time when children were considered to be the gift of God. People considered that person very lucky. The one who has more children, ie the elder was the one whose family was larger. The main reason for this was that the population was very less in the country. There was no shortage of food and drink. There was not even a name for inflation. People used to eat food and sleep happily.

Time has changed: – Today is not the same time as before. Today the time has changed a lot. Today, there is ration of food and all other living things. Inflation is increasing so much that people are suffering from it. Today, no food item is found pure. Milk and Shree should not be named.

Today, milk of soybean is found instead of cow’s milk. Groundnut oil instead of ghee, that too is not pure. Today’s generation has not heard of buttermilk or lassi. Today everyone from the king to the beggar has become fond and habitual of drinking tea. Come, consider the root cause of this today.

Foreign Raj: – Earlier there was a foreign state in our country. At that time, there was a ‘language’ of poverty, famine, starvation and ignorance in our country. Malaria, smallpox or plague killed innumerable people every year. Villagers were devastated in the epidemic. The more people were born, the more they died. In this way the population of the country was limited.

Age of Science: – Today’s era is the era of science. In this era, with the help of science, such medicines have been done, which have prevented the epidemics. For the benefit of the people, the government has opened hospitals and dispensaries at various places, due to which the death rate has come down drastically. In the first 100 only 5 – 10 people were left, but now more than 60 – 70 are left. The birth rate is the same as before. Earlier, the average age of people was 32 years but now it is 52. That is why the population of the country is increasing with great intensity.

After independence, India’s population was 300 million. But nowadays India’s population is over 121 crores. Therefore, the increasing population like a storm is proving to be a curse for our country today. The root cause of poverty and unemployment is the increasing population day by day. Due to the increase in population, houses have been built on many lands.

The country’s progress has been made through the schemes, but its effect is not seen anywhere. It becomes clear that only by stopping the growth of population, the people of the country can breathe happiness. Conversely, if this population continued to grow at an abysmal pace, then one day there will come when a person will be lost in the crowd of the house, in the crowd of the city and in the crowd of the country and will be forced to say this.

When a dozen of their children shout together, all the bulbs of the lightning of my mind are extinguished. They keep doing it, I have no clothes, no food, I am thinking, after all, is it a house or a zoo.

Small Family Happy Family – The only way to reduce the population is to have a limited family, ie be small. The small family is a happy family. The big family today is home to the sorrows, the curse. Due to the limited income of parents, a large family cannot be raised properly nor can children be given higher education.

Epilogue: – Actually, the small family is a happy family. In a small family, parents can raise one or two of their children properly. Can get them higher education. Therefore, the importance and specialness of small family should be understood. Parents can remain healthy and happy in a small family. Children can also be healthy and beautiful. That’s why happiness. . The essence is, small family. That is why this slogan “Small Family Happy Family” is 100 percent okay. Therefore, to keep their family happy, every Indian should try to keep their family small.

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