The idol of Hinglaj Mata was broken in the temple of Pakistan

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Sabotage in another temple of Pakistan, damage to the idol of Hinglaj Mata in Navratri

The statue of Maa Durga was disbanded by fundamentalists on Friday at a place named Nagerparkar in Tharparkar district of Sindh province of Pakistan.

Islamabad: It is not taking the name of the atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan and the sabotage in their temples. According to reports, fundamentalists on Friday named Nagaraparkar in Tharparkar district of Sindh province dismembered the idol of Maa Durga.

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Not only this, the attackers also vandalized the entire temple. Let us know that in the last few months, there has been a spurt in the incidents of sabotage in the temples of Pakistan. Just a few days ago, another temple was damaged in Sindh itself.

The idol of mother Durga broke in the middle of the night

The temple priest said that some people entered the temple premises at midnight and they closed the door and broke the idol. He said the attackers damaged the head of Hinglaj Mata’s statue, and also broke the face of his vehicle. The attackers also caused considerable damage to the temple on the go.

The priest of the temple said that so far the police has not taken any action against the attackers. There is a lot of anger in the Hindu community of Pakistan about this incident. Please tell that in many such cases, the Pakistan Police has also been accused of protecting the accused by calling the attackers as mentally insane.

A temple was vandalized even 2 weeks ago

Let us know that just two weeks ago, there was news of sabotage in another Hindu temple in southeastern Sindh province of Pakistan. This incident was carried out by a person named Muhammad Ismail.

According to the information given by the police, the complainant Ashok Kumar alleged that the idols kept in a temporary temple in Badin district were broken by the suspected Muhammad Ismail along with his accomplices and they all fled after the incident. A spokesperson of Badin police said that the suspect Muhammad Ismail was arrested within a few hours of receiving the complaint.

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